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K-G Molander
05-07-11, 21:32

Contains pictures of obituaries. There are more to come.

June Pelo
06-07-11, 20:37
Thanks, K-G. I found several people in my database, so was able to add death dates..

K-G Molander
07-07-11, 02:02
And this is all I have for July 1910. This end the year 1910. The next yearwill be 1909.

June Pelo
07-07-11, 02:14
I used to subscribe to that newspaper years ago... but didn't have time to keep up with reading all the newspapers I subscribe to...

June Pelo
07-07-11, 02:22
One thing lacking is place of death.. the newspaper doesn't indicate where they died..

K-G Molander
07-07-11, 02:52
Always Remembered.

About 10 years ago I wrote (email) to the newspaper and asked if they would be interested in making a database containing all obituaries published in their newspaper from past to present. But, the reply was that they did not have enough resources (computers and people) to maintain such a project.

I myself thought that such a database would increase the number of people visiting the newspaper. Thus, their webpage would receive many more hits and maybe revenues from advertisement would help finance such a project. Perhaps someday they will.

K-G Molander
07-07-11, 03:08
Yes that is correct. But, sometimes they give a hint. Obituaries in Finland is not like those in USA. I wish they were though.

June Pelo
07-07-11, 03:50
SFHS is compiling a database of emigrants and they would be interested in these obits... hope someone is making a note of them. When Leif Mether was with Finngen, he set up a database of emigrants and I contributed a lot of data...wonder what happened to that database?

08-07-11, 23:39
The obituary images copied by K-G Molander have now been transferred to a searchable database. Note that at the moment only the words included in the name of the document is searched upon, however this may be changed in the future. The material is also possible to comment, ie. if you know something about the person in question. Please however remember that we shouldn't publish any such information that can or could offend living relatives of the person in question!

At the moment the number of images is 84, all from Österbottningen 1910 but you will probably see more material in the database in the future. Actually, if you want to contribute - please contact me!

Thanks K-G!


07-09-11, 23:48
FYI: K-G Molander has submitted more material to the database - now entered into the database. Currently the database contains obits from the Österbottningen newspaper from year 1906 to 1910.

Thanks K-G!!