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25-01-04, 19:17

I have been looking for some information about this man for more than 2 years,witout any success.
Arthur was born in Närpes Finland 31 sep.1871.Emigrated 1892
to USA.Died 18 March 1907 somewhere in the states.Only confident info is a picture of him in Ishpeming,but a rumour says that he was in Duluth also.This is not confirmed.I think he worked in a quarry.An other rumour is that he was shut died.He might have used the surname Hanson in USA.
If there are someone with good sources to search,please do.


25-01-04, 21:32
This is a St Louis county death index which you may wish to search.
I did not find any Arthur Hanson [any spelling] nor any Perus.
Perhaps you might find him there with a different spelling?
We could not locate him in Ishpeming so maybe you will find him here!
Good luck,

26-01-04, 01:16
A quick check of the census index for 1900 returned 0 results. I'll check again later and dig a little deeper. Maybe he'll show up.

10-03-04, 00:24
Karl Henrik Johanson Pärus, born 5-1-1878 at Lappfjärd. Emigrated to America 1899. Found at Norwood, MA. the EMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH.

Probably not somebody who interests you but I leave it for you to decide.