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June Pelo
29-07-11, 02:56
I'm helping someone with research and haven't been able to find any info. about these people. Can anyone find anything about them?

My grandmother was Zinaida Pajarinen, born 5.9.1889 in Kunnasniemi and dead 11.9.1957. Her father was Heikki Yrjönpoika (Feodor Georginpoika) Pajarinen och and her mother was Maria Dimitroff. As you see, they had both Russian and Finnish namnes, my conclusion is that they moved from Russia to Finland. My grandfather was Sylvester Antinpoika Hyttinen, born 13.12.1885, died 11.1.1949 in Polvijärvi.

Also Maja Lisa (Maria) Mattsdotter Björn, b. 1811, Pedersöre. She married 1839, Karleby, to Matts Abrahamsson Storkåla, b. 1 Sep 1816, Karleby. I can find data about Matts' parents, etc., but can't locate anything about Maja Lisa.

Would appreciate any help.