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June Pelo
29-07-11, 20:16
I have another project I'm working on and would like to find some missing info. on this family:

Anders Mattsson Nygård - Newberg, b. 3 Jan 1850, Nedervetil, d. 1937, Ludington, MI. To US 1869.
Married Katherine Koehler, 1863-1951

Children: don't know where born - could it be Ludington, MI?
Andew William, b. 30 Nov. 1883
Fredrik, b. 1885
Matthew Emil, b. 1886
Katherine Elisa, b. 1889

I'm especially trying to find more info. about Andrew Wm. - he d. 12 May 1961. Was married to Wilhelmina Dold, b.1888.
Children: Don't know where they were born... could it be Ludington, MI?
Alice, 1908
Clara, b. 1910
Charles, b. 1912
Donald, b. 1928

Karen Norwillo
29-07-11, 20:56
According to a marriage image, Andrew and Wilhelmina were born in Ludington. WWI Draft card images attached for Andrew and Matthew Emil.According to the MI Death Index, Katherine E Newberg was born 1 Oct 1889 and died 14 Nov 1990 in Amber, Mason, MI. Fredrick John Newberg married Dorothy Karry and as of 1930, they had 2 children, a girl almost 5 and a son almost 1.

Karen Norwillo
29-07-11, 20:58
Here's the marriage image. I'll keep looking. I would guess they were all born in Ludington.

Karen Norwillo
29-07-11, 21:25
These are all from Family Search. MI Birth and Marriage records.
Frederick Newberg born 10 Mar 1885 in Ludington to Andrew and Catherine Newberg.
Katie (Katherine) Newberg born 1 Oct 1889 in Ludington to Andrew and Katie Newberg.
Images too big to attach. I'll send to your email.

Karen Norwillo
29-07-11, 21:41
From Ancestry, Alice L, Clara C, Charles F all on 1920 and 1930 census in Ludington. Charles F Newberg
7 Jan 1912-19 May 1986 in Hamlin, Mason, MI. Donald D Newberg 1 Jul 1928 living in Ludington in Public
directories in 1993.

June Pelo
29-07-11, 23:55
Thank you, Karen. Lots of interesting info. there...

Karen Norwillo
30-07-11, 21:54
Here's the marriage record (from MI Marriages on Family Search) for Andrew Newberg and Louisa Catherine Keeler. They have misspelled Koehler, but it would sound like Keeler. Looks like they married Dec 26, 1882 in Ludington. She was 13 years younger than Andrew.

June Pelo
30-07-11, 22:17
Thanks, Karen. That fills in another of the blanks..