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27-01-04, 00:30
In a previous thread we wrote about difficult trips by air between Europe and America. June, as an example wrote: ...that reminds me of a relative who signed up with Icelandic Air for a trip to Sweden and Finland because their fares were cheaper. From what she said, it was a horror trip all the way....

Does anybody of you have any stories told to you by your parents or grandparents about their voyage over from Finland via England to American ports? One would imagine that Iceland Air would have been luxury in comparison with the emigrant voyage with perhaps a third class ticket. Or has this kind of stories at all been transferred from generation to generation?

June Pelo
27-01-04, 16:57
My grandparents died while I was young so we heard no stories of their trip to America. My father came over in 1909 at age 17 with his mother and younger sister - they sailed on the Lusitania which was sunk a few years later by the Germans during World War I. I wish I had asked about their rooms and how much it cost them. They landed at Ellis Island and had no problems there and were able to continue on their journey to Michgan. Since they spoke only Swedish, I think they must have had someone to help them with the language problem on their train journey to Michigan. Seven years after arriving in the US my father was drafted into the Army and sent to France. I suppose he learned enough English to get along OK or I don't think the Army would have drafted him.

I have submitted a couple articles about The Emigrant Journey and The Emigrant Experience to SFHS and they can be found at their website: Emigrant journey (http://sfhs.eget.net/P_articles/Q_artiklar/Q_linkframe.html)