View Full Version : Ted Johnson and Bruce Eckert visit Finland

June Pelo
12-08-11, 20:21
Some time ago I worked with Ted and Bruce on their genealogy. Ted asked if I knew of a tour group going to Finland and I put him in contact with one. I never heard anything more from them until today. They decided to go to Finland and showed up in Nedervetil and Karlelby, looking for someone to guide them. I'm sorry they dropped contact with me... I could have arranged to have someone show them around. But all turned out OK... they stopped at Karleby church and asked for a guide... the Church contacted Jan-Erik Nygren in Nedervetil and once again he came to the rescue and showed my relatives everything concerning their ancestors.. Last month I arranged for him to be a guide for my cousin Anita and her son.. he said he enjoys meeting Americans he has heard or read about.