View Full Version : Hurricane Charley

June Pelo
14-08-11, 00:40
Seven years ago at this hour our town was being battered by Hurricane Charley, the third most powerful hurricane to hit the US.. and it did $14 billion of damage to Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda, FL. I was more fortunate than many people... I had to replace my roof, skylight, mailbox, fence, and I lost a dozen trees. I still remember how hot that August was because we went for about three weeks without electricity... the entire grid for this area had to be rewired. Here is a map showing the path taken by the storm. (Disregard the first map - I don't know how to delete it.) Near the top are two black dots, indicating the homes of my sister and myself. My sister's house had to have a new roof, but had no other damage. However, her tropical garden was destroyed.