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16-08-11, 20:45
I have been wrestling with this question for over a year. My great grandmother was Hilda, her daughter Wieno was my grandmother, and when Hilda died in 1918 my grandmother was sent to live with her "Aunt Mary". I have no idea if Mary was Hilda's sister, although that is what some of my extended family assumes to be true. Backing up...Hilda Sofia Ronn was born in 1880 and married Arvid Richart Stopsen in Replot, Finland in 1904. He was back and forth to the states twice, and then she and their three kids followed him in 1916 (Rudolf b.1904, Fanny b.1907, and Wieno b.1912). In 1918 she dies of Tuberculosis in Marietta Ohio and two of the kids are sent to Mary and Alfred Sjoblom of Grays Harbor, Washington and my grandmother Wieno is sent to Arvid's sister Hilma Stopsen Eckroos in Berkshire New York. Two years later Wieno is sent to live with Mary and Alfred as well (Hilma had quite a few kids of her own and then took in her widowed father, so grandma had to go). Mary had a brother John Oscar Benson (who my grandmother loved dearly) but other than that I don't know anything about her family. Hilda's death certificate from Ohio lists her parents as Herman and Hilda Ron. Mary and Alfred's marriage certificate list her parents as Herman Benson and Margaret Strom. Maybe they were half sisters? If anyone has any information that can link the two it would settle my mind. If anyone has ANY information about my great grandmother Hilda or her family from Replot I would be very very grateful.

17-08-11, 04:48

Unfortunately, this is not much help. But here is the 1880 Henkikirjat showing Replot 10, Rönn, Raippaluoto (Replot).

I found a Family Tree on Ancestry, that I assume is yours. It shows Hilda's parents as Herman and Hilda Rönn. The NY passenger list identifies the father of your great grandmother as H. Rönn, Replot. Are you certain that her mother's name was Hilda?

The only Herman shown at Rönn in 1880, is Herman Johansson Wäst, born 1847, wife Greta, born 1845; and 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl (B 3-1). But even though Herman's name was Wäst, it is very likely the children would have taken the farm name of Rönn.

Al Puromaki
Poland, OH

18-08-11, 21:16
Thank you so much for this information! It is indeed very helpful. I only have one source for her mother's name being Hilda and that was on her death certificate that was filled out by her doctor in Ohio. Since I assume the doctor was getting his information from my great grandfather, there may have been some confusion with, or problem understanding, his heavily accented and limited english.

You have given me much information that I don't currently have - I am new to this genalogic journey and I don't know all the places I should be looking for things (nor do I completely understand things like family name vs farm name conventions). Since I don't speak Finnish, I would have had great difficulty with the document you sent without your translation of it. Thank you very much for your time and effort, I really appreciate it!!

June Pelo
18-08-11, 21:53
The Talko database shows Herman Johansson West married 1870 Margeta Gustafsdotter Ström - they had 10 children born in Replot. Among them are Maria, b. 15 Aug 1882 (no further info. about her), and Hilda Sofia, b. 21 Apr 1880, who married 1904 to Richard Stopps.

18-08-11, 22:07
June thank you so much! I am so very appreciative of your help, my mother and I have been trying to find out any information we can about Hilda. We went back to Marietta, Ohio, and found her grave and had a headstone put up for her, but we don't know anything about her or her family. You have been so helpful, I can't thank you enough!

19-08-11, 13:58
1870 Raippaluoto Henkikirjat:

Replot 5, Wäst, showing Johan Jakobsson, wife Anna, son Herman

Wallgrund 6, Ström, showing Gustaf Karlsson, wife Maria, sons Johan, Gustaf and one who is underage (1-0). But I don't see a daughter Margreta there.

June Pelo
19-08-11, 14:56
Gustaf Carlsson Ström and wife Maria had 11 children, most b. in Södra Vallgrund:
1. Maria, 1835; 2. Brita, 1837; 3. Johannes, 1839; 4. Stina, 1840; 5. Greta, 1843; 6. MARGETA, 1845; 7. Johan, 1847; 8. Christina, 1849; 9. Gustaf, 1851; 10. Dina, 1853; 11. Carll, 1857.

19-08-11, 16:36
Oh thank you!!! You two have been so kind to find this information for me, and I can't thank you enough. I wish I knew how to do this for myself. How do you access these records? Since I don't speak Finnish would I be able to find these things out? Thank you again for all your kindness.

19-08-11, 18:49

Here are some useful web sites for genealogy research:

Finnish Digital Archives: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/search.ka (type in the name of the parish, using Scandinavian characters; click on Search; this is where Henkikijat came from)

Finnish Parishes: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/seurakunnat/indexe.html (general information)

Finnish/Swedish Translations: http://www.saunalahti.fi/hirvela/indexuk.html (English translations for common words and phrases found in Parish records)

Handwriting, Old Style: http://www.genealogia.fi/faq/faq031e.htm (examples)

HisKi: http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en (a searchable database for most parishes, but you must type Scandinavian characters) (see attached sheet showing how to do that using an English language keyboard)

Institute of Migration: http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/emreg/index_e.php (free to search, but access to records requires a membership)

SSHY: http://www.digiarkisto.org/sshy/index_eng.htm (here you will find the basic Communion Book, Children's Book and birth, death, marriage and other records for most parishes in Finland. Free, but membership affords access to more current records)

Ellis Island: http://www.ellisisland.org/search/passSearch.asp?

Ellis Island, One Step: http://stevemorse.org/ellis2/ellisgold.html

Find A Grave: http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/indexinfo.aspx?ix=findagrave

Google Translator: http://translate.google.com/?hl=en#en|fi| (works well for words or short phrases)

HeritageQuest: Free online access to US Census records through most public libraries, using a library card number

LDS FamilySearch:



Happy hunting...

Al Puromaki
Poland, OH

20-08-11, 04:23

Just to get you started...

Go Here: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/search.ka

Type Replot in the box for Free Word Search and click on the Search button.
Click on "Replot församlings arkiv"
On the next screen, click on "Huvud- och kommunionsböcker" These are the Communion Books.

Herman Johansson Wäst was born in 1847, so click on "Kommunionbok 1846-1854 (IAa:7)

The pages in this book are first organized alphabetically by village and then within each village, numerically by farm.
You are looking for Replot 5, Wäst (West); where Replot is the village and the Number 5 farm in that village is Wäst (West).

These records are not indexed. So the process is trial and error until you find the right village and farm, which is at image 75.

The first two names are those of Herman's parents...Johan Jacobsson, born 3.7.1803; and Anna Maja, born 24.8.1803. The next to last name in the first grouping, is that of Herman, born 17.9.1847. Also shown are his 8 siblings. And most likely Anna Greta Jacobsdr, born 12.4.1802, is the sister of Johan Jacobsson and aunt of Herman.

You can now find Herman's birth record.

Click on the link "Replot församlings arkiv"

Then click on this link "Längder över födda och döpta" These are birth records.

Herman Johansson West (Wäst) was born 17.9.1847; so click on this link "Längder över födda och döpta 1817-1848 (IC:2)"

Again the process is trial and error, until you find the right month and year.

You will find his birth record at image 133, right page, 2nd name

You should now be able to find the same farm, Replot 5, West (Wäst) in the Communion Book, for years 1855-1861 and 1838-1844.

And you should be able to find the birth record for Johan Jacobsson, born 3.7.1803; and siblings of Herman Johansson.

Al Puromaki
Poland, OH

21-08-11, 04:17
Wow!! Thank you very much, Al! It would have taken me forever to find that information without your guidance :-) Now that I have gotten so much help and coaching from you and from June Pelo, I feel empowered to take on this search with renewed vigor. I am going to carve out some time and look at the websites that both of you have suggested. Thank you so very much for all your time and help on this, I can't thank you both enough!!!