View Full Version : Hurricane Irene

June Pelo
26-08-11, 20:44
Wondered how many members will be in the path of this mammoth storm... over 450 miles wide.. that's sweeping up the eastern coast. The only ones I can think of are Bill Wright and Carl Lillvik... hope they'll be safe. We in Florida aren't affected by it, thank goodness.

Karen Norwillo
30-08-11, 02:40
Hit us Saturday night. We just got power back at 3pm today. Out 38 hours. Flooding and trees down all around us. Minor damage to the vinyl siding on our house and lost some food, but we fared better than alot in PA, NJ, NY and VT. They had some major flooding with property damage. Guess SC had the worst of it. Earthquake and hurricane in one week. Plus some places had a tornado, too.

June Pelo
30-08-11, 03:31
Glad you're safe, Karen. From what I've seen on TV, it seemed that flooding is causing more damage than the hurricane itself... especially in the New England states.. The local news said that our power company, Florida Power and Light, has sent 100 men with trucks to areas to work on restoring electricity... and our local Red Cross has sent many teams up to various areas around there to help where needed. Based on what happened here with Hurricane Charley in 2004, we were without power for over 3 weeks, so it may take a while before some of those people get power restored.