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26-08-11, 23:10
we've had queries on 1) Hendrickson from Åland - raised his family in Ballard and we can't find his married daughters or any other descendants
Karl Hugo Henriksson (Carl Hugo Hendrickson) emigrated in 1903. He was the brother of Jan-Erik Palm´s grandfather. Hugo was only 17 years old when he left. He wrote
letters to his mother until 1930 when she passed and later to his sister.
Hugo was born Dec 11, 1885 and married 1911 to Jennie ( Jenny ) Berlin born in
Luleå, Sweden. They had two daughters Helmi Gertrude born Aug13, 1912 and Lorene
Edith born Oct 31, 1919, born in Seattle.

Thanks for any help for the Palms in Åland!

Karen Norwillo
27-08-11, 02:43
I found Lorene (Lorraine) Hendrickson Holmes and her parents on Find-a Grave, Lorene E Hendrickson Holmes 1919-1946. Husband Samuel Holmes. He's not found here. Buried Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park in Seattle. So she died quite young at 27. Carl died 1951 and Jenny 1964. I did not find Helmi yet. There are 2 Gertrude Hendickson on the King county Marriage Index, no Helmi. One married an Enor Glod in 1933, the other a Donald Wilcox in 1948. Don't know if either of these are her.