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Sören Ahinko
27-01-04, 21:52
Hi Cooper

Sorry to see that you couldn´t help Gita.

But maybe you can help me.

My grandfather, Edvin Ahinko, moved to Ruskeala 1930. And moved to Ekenäs in 1943. That´s almost all I know about his time in Karelia.
I wonder if there is any archive in Ruskeala?
Like I wrote earlier in "Chit Chat", I would like to go there sometimes. To see how it is there and maybe found out where my grandfather lived and worked.
I would like to know more about the place. Do you if there is any site with pictures over the city?

Snowy regards from Sweden

Jaska Sarell
28-01-04, 01:07
Hi Sören,

If you are looking for church books of Ruskeala, they have been moved to the regional archive in Mikkeli (Mikkelin maakunta-arkisto / S:t Michels landsarkiv) like other parishes in the ceded region.
The Swedish pages at http://www.narc.fi/ don't tell much, but at least the contact addresses.

:) Jaska

Sören Ahinko
28-01-04, 20:01

That I didn´t think of Archive in Mikkeli. I have been there one summer and even bought some microfiche over Jeppo.
And the people there was very nice and helpfully.
So I will tried once more if they can help me.