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28-01-04, 07:54
I understand that there were Finn Halls in the U.S. and in Canada where Finns (and Swede-Finns) met to socialize and dance. Would anyone know how to find more information about these?
I believe my grandparents met in one. Perhaps it was in California or maybe Oregon.

28-01-04, 13:02
I am from Rochester, Washington, and there is a Swede Hall located on James Rd. I don't know when it was built but it is a very old building. There is a lot of history: pictures, writtings inside the hall. Every 3rd Sat. in June Rochester has a Swede Day parade.

28-01-04, 13:05
Also if your not aware, Rochester has been home for numerous families from Finlandduring the immigration period.

28-01-04, 14:13
K-G Olin's book "Guld och röda skogar" about Finnish immigrants in California has a lot of information about the halls.


June Pelo
28-01-04, 19:11
I have a couple articles about halls in New York. They came from "An Album of Finnish Halls" by Reino Nikolai Hannula. The address shown is: Finn Heritage, P.O. Box 1675, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406. Perhaps someone knows whether this place still has copies?


Margaret Rader
28-01-04, 19:12
Rochester Swede Hall was built by Order of Runeberg and is still is very active use today as a community hall and also center of the annual Swede Festival in Rochester. Of course most of the "Swedes" were from Finland.
There were many social halls and I understand sometimes there was one for the "Red" Finns and one for the "Whites."

Margaret Holm Rader

29-01-04, 01:58
SFHS had their last summer picnic at a Finn Hall located in Buckley, Washington. Saima Hyppa, widow of Elmer Hyppa, attended the picnic and shared the history of the building and the Finns who built it. It is an old place, and when I am able, I would be happy to forward information that I have on my home computer.

There is a beautiful new housing development, I believe called "Finlandia" just down the street from the Finn Hall--also built on land that was owned by the Hyppa family.