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Karen Norwillo
04-09-11, 17:37
Can someone translate the notations on this rippikirja about Anders Gustaf? I know he emigrated to Amerika in 1881. I found his arrival in Hull and NY. He went through Gothenburg. It looks like he married. I just can't make it out clearly.

Jaska Sarell
04-09-11, 20:21
Despite my lousy Swedish I'll give a try.

uppgifves hafva i Amerika ingått äktenskap med backstugudotter Brita Caisa Jakobsdr Monäs från Munsala församling.
reported to have in America got married with BCJdrM from Munsala parish.
Vid 1884 års uppbåd förfallolöst uteblifven
Misplaced withdrawal from military draft in 1884
Amerika 20/9 81. No 23 25/10 1893 till Munsala
[no translation required]

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
04-09-11, 21:12
Thanks again, Jaska. Does that mean he returned to Finland in 1893 to Munsala? I'll have to check Munsala records.

Karen Norwillo
04-09-11, 22:29
I was looking on Talko, Arne Nylund has this info about a Anders Gustaf Wärnström, born same date in Esse, married to Brita Lisa Johan-Jakobsdotter in Amerika. Two children born in Portland, OR in 1892 and 1893. Third child born 1895 in Munsala.
He has Panzar, Brita Lisa Johan-Jakobsdotter born 4 Sep 1856 in Sandnäs,Vexala, Munsala.
On Hiski Munsala, there is a marriage for Anders Gustaf Gustafsson Wärnström and Brita Lisa Johansdotter Knuts by Swedish Lutheran Pastor JV Skan in Portland, OR 28 Oct 1890.
I had the Brita Kaisa info which I believe I got originally from Kaj Granlund years ago.

Karen Norwillo
05-09-11, 03:15
Strange, I just found a Brita Warnstrom arriving NY on SS St Paul from Southampton on 21 Aug 1897 with 3 children. Amanda 4 Anders 3 and Selma 2. All from Finland. Going to husband and father in Idaho. The children all match the names and ages of the one on Talko. Curiously, there are both a Johan Jakob Jakobsson Penzar and Knuts in Munsala. The mystery continues.

Karen Norwillo
06-09-11, 17:05
I looked at that manifest on Ellis Island records (clearer) and it says they were in US before, no dates, and the 3 children are listed as US citizens. Brita is still Finland.
Does anyone have access to the Munsala birth records for 1855-57 (1856). Hiski stops just before that date. There's no Brita Kaisa listed for Monäs.

06-09-11, 18:14
Brita Lisa born 2.9.1856, Monäs...


Karen Norwillo
06-09-11, 21:33
Thank you. Unfortunately, that rippi says Brita Kaisa, which I have in my program, but have not found a DOB for her as Brita Kaisa Monäs. Unless the rippi is in error about second name. The entry on Hiski about marriage would fit Brita Lisa. Now to prove or disprove that Anders Gustaf Wärn and Wärnström are the same person.

Karen Norwillo
08-09-11, 04:19
Just went to post a lengthy reply and lost it before I could save.
Found family in OR using surname Vanstrom. Found tombstone in Cascade Locks Cemetery Hood River county, OR. Found census images, marriage of son Anders Emil, Amanda and another daughter born to them while in Idaho. Brita Lisa matches the one BessemerFinn found of 2 Sep 1856. She died 8 Nov 1947 in Wasco county, OR. Anders (Andrew) G died 1923, from tombstone. Anders Emil Vanstrom born 25 Oct 1893-5 Feb 1975. His wife Blanche Lev Vanstrom 22 Oct 1896-5 Jul 1975.
Amanda Vanstrom married a Collins and was widowed by 1930. She had 2 children Dora L abt 1916 OR and Melvin Andrew Collins 7 Jan 1924 OR-1 Dec 1988 Portland, OR. Deaths from SSDI and OR Death Index.
Did not find Selma yet after 1920 census. There is a 4th child, Theckla born Aug 1898 in Idaho, from 1900 census in Wasco county.
Looks like Anders and Brita lived most of the time in Falls precinct, Hood River, OR. in their later years.

Karen Norwillo
08-09-11, 04:29
Tombstone photo. WWI and II cards for Andrew Emil.
Anders did actually return to Finland in 1893. I found his arrival back to US 28 Oct 1893 age 31, listed as a mason, says from Portland USA, reason sojourner. Must have been visiting. Doesn't say where.

Karen Norwillo
09-09-11, 16:02
Got copy of Brita's death certificate. Gives DOB as 14 Aug 1856, but there was no Brita Lisa born that date in Monäs, Munsala. Also gives Andrew as 25 Mar 1861 in Jakobstad, but there is none born that date in Jakobstad, Pedersöre or Esse. Only one is the 24 Mar 1862 in Esse. Curious.