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06-09-11, 17:50
A contact of mine in the States are asking for information regarding his grand grand parents. David Richard Jacobsson emigrated 1904 from Sweden to USA. According to Gothenburg Passanger List he was born in Linköping.

Can anyone help me with information regarding the parents of avid Richard?


Ingemar Ekman
07-09-11, 07:34
He was born in Linköping Domkyrkoförsamling 10 Jan and baptized 7 Feb 1886 and son to arbetare Anders Fredrik Jakobsson and Anna Lovisa Carlsdotter. Hemvist Stolplyckan 3 and refers to page 2467 in the communion book. According to the birthrecord CI-14 picture 179, ( photo taken by ArkivDigital), the parents age were 27 years old and have been married 4 years and had total 2 children. Dopvittnen (Sponsors) were Gårdsägare O.F. Peterson and his wife.
I checked the page 2467 (hfl 1881-1895) and the parents were married 27/11 1883, The father Anders Fredrik was born 17/10 1859 and the mother was born 28/6 1859 and on this page
is 4 sons and 1 daughter listed born 1883-1893
Please send me as PM your email address If you want copies of the church records as jpg-files.

Ingemar Ekman
07-09-11, 12:09
I noticed on the CDs (Sveriges befolkning 1900, Death records 1901-2009 and Begravda i Sverige), Extract from the CDs:
Jakobsson, Anders Fredrik, Arbetare, f. 1859 i Skeda (Östergötland)
Gift man, far i familjen, Lindhult 9, Linköping (Östergötland)
Karlsdotter, Anna Lovisa, f. 1859 i Vist (Östergötland)
Gift kvinna, mor i familjen
and their children (lived at home autumn year 1900)
(Barn), David Rikard 1886 Barn
(Barn), Jakob Albin 1888 Barn
(Barn), Erik Hjalmar Valentin 1891 Barn
(Barn), Judit Helena 1893 Barn
(Barn), Karl Fredrik 1899 Barn

On the death records:
Jakobsson f. Karlsdotter, Anna Lovisa, Tornby Nr 9, Död 2/5 1916.
Kyrkobokförd i Linköping (Östergötlands län, Östergötland).
Född 28/6 1859 (ingen uppgift om födelseort)
Gift kvinna.
On the CD of burials I found a possible match:
Jakobsson, Anders Fredrik, Linköping
Död 25/7 1939, Begravd 30/7 1939
Linköpings västra griftegård, kv. G, nr. 138
Graven upplåten i evärdlig tid (upplåtelse nr 1)
(I have not yet verified that he was the correct Anders Fredrik born 17 Oct 1859)
On EmiWeb I noticed that David Rickards brothers emigrated also to USA:
Johan Albin 21 Feb 1906, Karl Fredrik 17 Jul 1916 and Herman Emanuel 25 May 1900
(Herman Emanuel was born 2 Dec 1883 and the oldest brother)