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08-09-11, 03:19
My aunt Taimi Lillian (Kallio) Oja born 2 September 1911 in Fort William, Ontario, Canada (now Thunder Bay) just celebrated her 100th birthday. Taimi is the daughter of Johan Gustaf Juhonp. Oja Kortesoja b. 1877 and Amanda Amalia Aukustint. Nyrhilä b. 1880 who emigrated to Canada from Lapua in 1899.

Just wanted to share her moment.

Eldon Oja

D J Granlund
08-09-11, 15:21
Thank You Eldon for the sharing. Our paths have crossed before. I hope you continue to find what you are searching for. David

08-09-11, 16:29
David - I see 4 Granlund's in my file - Beata Jaakontytär 1758, Jaakko Iisakinpoika, Elisabeth Antintytär 1762, Antti Juhonpoika. Are they connected to you?

D J Granlund
08-09-11, 18:11
I can not answer your question. My my knowledge my earliest Granlund is Thomas b. 1 Jun 1761 in Huittinen, T.P. d. 12 Mar 1822 Eura Kyrkoby, T.P. married to Maria Sigfredsdr on 3 Nov 1784 b. 24 Aug 1762 d. 5 Nov 1836 in Eura Kyrkoby, T.P. We have a very close geographical tie in Eagle TWSP Cromwell Minnesota if my memory serves me correctly.

09-09-11, 17:12
Yes I do have a connection to Cromwell - my great grandfather Antti (Anders) Mikonp. Ainali Saralampi born 31 Jan 1838 in Kannus, Finland died under the name Andrew Ainali on 19 March 1907 in Cromwell, MN