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07-09-03, 06:23
I've dusted off this ancestor and thought maybe someone might be able to help me find his parents. He is one of those elusive ancestors whose birth record I haven't been able to locate.

Peter/Pehr was born in 1796 in Leppävirta. According to the Kälviä rippikirjat, he moved from Karttula to Kälviä in 1816. A different rippikirjat from Kälviä shows he came from Karstula.

In 1819, he married Elisabeth Eliasdr Ingalsuo, from Kälviä. In 1842, they moved to Lohtaja. I believe he started a Viitala farm in Lohtaja from which my paternal grandmother came.

A Finngen researcher found a Peter Bertilsson Lytikainen born in May 1796 in Kartsula and he insists it is the same Peter. That Peter married in Karstula and never left that parish so I know it's not the same man.

The Leppävirta are the worst written records I've ever seen. Very few children are listed in the farms and many names are scratched out and the handwriting is terrible. Anyone who might have access to those records or might know of this family, I would certainly appreciate the help.

In the Kälviä marriage records on Hiski, his name appears as Pehr Bertilss. Toroin. In Juuret Kälviällä, he is referenced as "Renki Torvinen".

Thanks for any help! :(

June Pelo
07-09-03, 19:59

He appears in the Caino-Torp book on page 481 #1909: Lisa Eliasdr Ingalsuo, b. 26.7.1795, Kelviå, married 5.12.1819, Kelviå, Petter Bertilsson Viitala-Torvinen, b. 1796, ref: Juuret II s. 308, d. 5.9.1878. From Karttula 1816, to Lochteå 1842. Lisa died 25.12.1877.

HisKi has his parents as Bertil Lydikäin married 1794 in Karttula to Christina Salomonsdotter Tihoin, b. 7 May 1777, Karttula, daughter of Salomon Tihoin and Maria Karhutar.


07-09-03, 20:17
Hi June,
Yes, that's the same Peter that the Finngener claims is the Peter who appears in Kälviä. Unfortunately, that's the wrong Peter. Hiski show that Peter in Karttula as being married 3.7.1818 to Helena Huttuin. Hiski also shows children born to them in 1825 & 1828 so it can't be him.

In my previous msg I mistakenly referenced Karstula rather than Karttula. Doug Kartunen checked the Kälviä rippikirjat and found reference to Kartula (1 "t"), Karttula and Karstula but we think Karttula is correct.

Thanks for checking, though.

June Pelo
07-09-03, 23:53

I think I'll notify the Caino-Torp committee of your comments because the book should be corrected if there is an error in their data.

Nice picture of you that Hasse has posted..


08-09-03, 17:02
Sorry to make this so confusing. No, the info in the Caino-Torp book is correct. MY Peter is the one found in the book and who lived in Kälviä.

The "other" Peter is the one who was born in Karttula, who was a Lyytikäinen, married there, had children there and I suspect died there. This Peter shows up in Hiski.

My Peter was born in Leppävirta, moved to Karttula, then to Kälviä, then to Lohtaja. He married the Ingalsuo girl.

I hope this is clearer, and sorry to confuse you, June! ;)