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22-09-11, 02:19
When accessing the Finland National archives I get the following message in some of the subjects:
"Aineisto on käyttörajoitettua ja on katsottavissa arkistolaitoksen sisäverkosta kirjautumalla. Pääsy edellyttää tunnusten ja tarvittaessa käyttöluvan anomista arkistolaitoksen tutkijasaleissa."
Any Help?

22-09-11, 18:11
it's about like this.
The use of material is restricted and can only be accessed on the local net of the National Archives. You need a user account and sometimes a separate authorization, that can be applied in the research rooms.

23-09-11, 16:10
Hi Lilli

Thanks for the help. I guess for now I will have to use my HisKi records in cases of deaths and marriages.


Jaska Sarell
23-09-11, 17:25
I guess you have stumbled into death/marriage record volumes that partly extend to younger than 125 years, which the NA keeps as a limit for online material availability. They are going to split those volumes in some way in order to free the older material. I've got no idea about the timetable :confused:
SSHY/FFHA (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/index_eng.htm) has the same 125 years limit for non-members and 100 years for members, the actual availability being closer to the limit age. That is, if the material has been digitized, of course :p

:) Jaska

23-09-11, 23:53
Hi Jaska

Actually I was looking for death and marriage records in Purmo. I get that message for any death records after 1831 and any marriage records after 1841.


Jaska Sarell
24-09-11, 11:58
Hi Bud,

Indeed their latest Purmo death records extend from 1832 to 1894, and marriage records from 1842 to 1894. Hopefully we don't have to wait another 8-9 years :(
That restricted time period includes my ancestors as well (eg. marriage 1848), though I've researched them long time ago in the old style using microfilms.
Purmo has been among upcoming books on FFHA since March. Let's see, if they get them available first :cool:

:) Jaska