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29-01-04, 18:36
Hi everyone

I am stuck in a 1775 time zone with my family searching. Is there anyone out there who is researching Sundbergs? My gt. gt. gt. grandfather was Matths Sundberg (born 1775 married to Maria Er). They had two sons, Erik Gustav Sundberg and Matts Mattheson Sundberg and a daughter Anna Maria Sundberg. Matts Mattheson Sundberg (born 2/2/1805) married Lena Stina Israel. They had a son, Israel Matteson Sundberg, born 13/3/1834 who married Anna Helena Morten and they in turn had a daughter Maja Louisa and two sons Johan Jacob and Matts (my grandfather) born 4/12/1865. There is a story about him in the History and Culture forum of Finlander.

I guess I should not be too greedy, and should be satisfied with the 1775 date, but would like to go back a bit further if possible. All of the above information came from a cousin (her grandfather and mine were brothers) in Finland but I have exhausted her supply of information now.

I would love to hear from anyone who has any ideas where I can go from here, or from anyone with Sundberg connections around the Nykarleby area.

Many thanks

Gwenda:( but hopefully soon :) (or even :D )

Gita Wiklund
29-01-04, 23:11
Hi Gwenda,

Do you know the place where Matts Sundberg was born? Do you only know the year ?

Anyway, found the marriage in HisKi:

12.12.1799 Karby n:k: Matts Sundberg Bd:d:Maria Erics:d:r Rajii

Indicates that they were married in Karby village and Maria was from Rajii farm. Maria┤s fathers first name should be Eric.

If Matts Sundberg was born in Nykarleby, I suspect he could have taken the name Sundberg when he got married. The first child born to that last name in Nykarleby, acc. to HisKi, is born 1779 a child named Isaac, fathers name is Isaak as well. He is a seaman. HisKi containes data on born/baptized between 1730-1851. Matts could have moved in from somewhere too. There is also an Eric Sundberg that is mentioned as relative to a boy that died in Nykarleby in 1776.

I hope that someone who research that area will be able to help you. Unfortunately I sit in Sweden and my anscestors lived around Helsinki.

Or try to search Hiski yourself, if you haven┤t yet:


Good luck!

30-01-04, 00:28
Many thanks Gita for your helpful tips. I should have tried Hiski before now, but to be honest, didn`t quite know where to start. Will certainly pursue it now.

Just out of curiosity, have you any idea why these "biblical" names might be suddenly appearing in my family tree - Israel and Isaac. Are they common Finnish/Swedish names? I had just begun to get used to Matts and Johan and derivations of the same.

Gita Wiklund
30-01-04, 11:34
Hi Gwenda,

About the name Isaac, at this point you cannot be sure that he belongs to your family tree, although his last name is Sundberg.
But to answer your question about these "biblical" names: I have noticed that they appear a lot in some places, for instance in Malax, just south of Vasa in Finland. Nykarleby is a bit north of Vasa. In Sweden the hebrew name Israel is most common in ┼ngermanland a part of Sweden situated straight over the sea from Vasa. A check in HisKi shows that these names appear in different villages and families throughout the 18th century and forth in the Nykarleby area.

(If you have any problems with searching HisKi, just ask!)


Margaret Rader
30-01-04, 21:23
Isak and Israel are common names in my Granholm family, down to the late 19th century. I think the first was Isak Andersson Granholm, b. 1 jul 1780 in Malax.

Margaret Holm Rader

01-02-04, 00:01
Many thanks for your reply regarding the Biblical Names. Good to know I am not the only one as I was beginning to wonder where they came from. Sounded more Jewish and/or Arabic than Finnish/Swedish, but glad to have that cleared up.

All the best


01-02-04, 00:09
Thanks again for your helpful reminder re HisKi (or is it HiSki?) Anyway, I had a dabble at it today and although I didn`t get any further with my Sundbergs, I did at least have the pleasure and excitement of seeing it all in print and now have paper copies to work from (in between my English and Scottish family trees and a couple of trees I am working on for friends - and getting absolutely nowhere I might add - so much for promises!!). Thanks a lot for pointing me back in the right direction and I will keep plugging away at it.


01-02-04, 06:25
I always thought it was after Christianity came to Finland/Sweden that biblical names came in fashion. Names like Abraham, Isaac, Maria, etc. My tree is full of these kinds of names, along with the ubiquitous, Johan , Matts, Brita and Margareta! :(

I had 2 great grandmothers that had pretty names: Sofia and Anna Liisa. When my last daughter was born, we couldn't decide which name we liked better. We settled on Sofia Grace. :)