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01-10-11, 20:48
Nordback Karl Einar b.19 febr.1895 in Kasko, Finland. The churchbook has him emigrated in Norway. The passport 14.8.1910 tells he was going to America. Havn´t find him in any passengerlists. Can somebody find his arrivial in America or Norway?
Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
02-10-11, 20:25
Looks like Karl Einar was in Norway first and then US. I found him coming into UK in 1916 on a whaling ship from Norway. Then in 1917, he is in US. He's using just Einar. DOB differs slightly from yours, but place is correct. In 1930, he is in Rockford, Winnebago, IL. He is single and living in a rooming house.

03-10-11, 19:45
Thank you Karen.
I´m so happy you found him