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June Pelo
07-10-11, 14:59
My cousin Lorena Volz will be 106 on October 9. She has been, and I believe she still is the oldest living Swede-Finn in the US, and maybe in Finland and the world.

Lorena was born Oct 9, 1905 in Oscoda, Michigan to Selma (Wargstrom) and Arthur (Adolf Källström) Spring. She married Harold Volz and they had a son Donald. The family lived mostly in Michigan, and briefly in AZ and FL. Lorena currently lives in an assisted living home in CA near her son. She still keeps busy working crossword puzzles, reading, watching game shows on TV, and crocheting pot scrubbers. Lorena's father emigrated from Finland in 1886, the son of Karl Mattsson Keldo - Källström, who was a cantor of Karleby parish church in 1861. Karl Mattsson descended from the musical Källström family in Finland; several other members of that family also were cantors of churches in Finland.

Her son had a call from NBC TV and was told Willard Scott will be honoring Lorena but they're not sure when. It will be after her birthday on 10/09 and they hope to be able to call him a day or two prior

Here's a picture taken in 2010.

June Pelo
10-10-11, 00:35
Here's the latest on my cousin Lorena... her 106th birthday was today.. her grandchildren put this video together... I wish they had asked her to sing some of the old ditties she used to sing...

June Pelo
13-10-11, 16:10
I contacted Osterbottens Tidning in Finland about the 106th birthday of my cousin Lorena, and sent them her photo and this video of her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajO4h-s7Fxg
They were interested to hear about her and said they would publish an article. I'm waiting for it to appear. The Norden newspaper editor also said he will publish an article about her in the next issue. When I called her she said she has been scouring the newspaper, looking for a used typewriter because she wants to do some writing!

June Pelo
17-10-11, 20:54
Here's the latest news about Lorena:
We received a call from NBC News and were advised that MAYBE tomorrow, Oct 18 between 8-10 AM Willard Scott of NBC Today show may acknowledge Lorena's 106 birthday (10/09). If not, then they didn't say when.