View Full Version : Finnish company solves US Air Force virus problem

June Pelo
22-10-11, 23:26
Finnish company wipes out US Air Force virus problem. The United States air force used a product from the Finnish data security firm Jetico Oy to remove viruses from its drone fighter software, reports the newspaper Kauppalehti.
According to the magazine Wired, the US air force discovered a virus at its air support base in the IT system that they were unable to eradicate. Help surfaced in the form of Jetico’s BCWipe which was used first to clear the system completely and then to re-build it.

The US Defence administration uses our product and insists that its suppliers do the same, Jetico’s CEO Michael
Waksman confirmed to Kauppalehti. Waksman told that Jetico’s customers include the US Defence administration’s
ten largest suppliers and contractors. A large number of the company’s customers are nevertheless health care companies and retail chains who need to protect their customers’ credit card details.

BCWipe is also sold to a certain extent direct to consumers. According to the company, after using BCWipe there should be absolutely no trace of unwanted data nor any viruses left on a computer. The Espoo-based Jetico was founded 15 years ago. It has developed the BCWipe and BCWipe Total WipeOut programs over an eight year period. Its products are used in some 100 countries.

Norden, 22 Oct. 2011