View Full Version : Norway royals visit Duluth

June Pelo
28-10-11, 18:37
King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway visited Duluth Oct. 17 and received a royal welcome, sponsored by the Sons of Norway. Their time was limited but they wanted to meet as many people as possible.. so they decided that the king would shake hands with half of the guests and the queen with the other half. But they didn't meet the king's distant cousin Vern Nelson, age 80, who is in a nursing home in Duluth. Vern is related to much of European royalty through his grandmother Caroline Dybing Nelson, a niece of king of England, Edward VII. Edward was a son of Queen Victoria and great grandfather of Queen Elizabeth II. Caroline's father was Vladmir Dybing, an admiral in the Norwegian navy and later head of parliament, and her mother was a princess royal of Denmark. Vern and his wife Sue are still working on their family tree, which also includes Kaiser Willhelm II of Germany, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, among others.