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01-11-11, 16:34
Hej, Har problem att hitta någon fortsättning nedåt på Alexanteri Matinpoika Kattilakoski 1872 i Kaustby (Alex Mattson i Duluth) och Brita Johanna Johansson Kaptens 1874 i Larsmo (Hannah Mattson i Duluth),barnen, Sanny 1899,Conrad 1900,Charlie 1902,Christofer 1904,Theadore 1908,Violet 1910,Mabel 1912,George 1913,James 1914,
Tacksam för hjälp!
Leif G

June Pelo
01-11-11, 20:37
Are you looking for their families in Finland? I have a lot of Kattilakoski names, including an Alexander Viktor Mattsson Kattilakoski, b. 11 Sep 1871, Kaustby to Matts Jakobsson Kattilakoski and Hedvig Andersdotter Döfnäs. You gave a birthdate of 1872, but I didn't find anyone named Alexander Mattsson who was born in 1872 in Kaustby. So Alexander Viktor is a possibility... do you know if your Alexander had the name Viktor? I have data on his ancestors, if this is correct.

As for Brita Johanna, I found a Brita Johanna Johansdotter Kaptens, b. 29 Aug 1874 in Larsmo, daughter of Johan Petter Gustafsson Kaptens, 1847-1886, married 25 May 1874 in Eugmo to Maja Lovisa Mattsdotter Bosund, 1853- . In addition to Brita Johanna, they had two sons: Johannes, b. 1876 and Anders, b. 1882.

02-11-11, 13:31
Yes,i think you are right, Alexander was born b: 11 syyskuu 1871 in Finland. i got it from a relatives in Kokkola.
i have found his name on the Ellise iseland when he visit Finland in 1910.
Alex and Hannah with family are also in the 1930 census.
but it is their children's families' fate I am looking for
About Brita Johanna i know more, Johannes and Anders was her siblings!
Anders lived also in Duluth 1902-1912,born and die in Larsmo.
Johannes never visit Amerika.

June Pelo
02-11-11, 14:08
I don't know anything about the children and familles.. Perhaps someone else can help..

June Pelo
04-11-11, 22:39

I asked someone to look for this family. The 1930 US Census shows that all children were unmarried and living with their parents…except Sanny and Charlie. But he can't find them in that census.

Sorry we haven't been able to find anything more.

05-11-11, 01:57
The 1930 US Census shows both Alex Mattson and wife Hannah born in Sweden; and son Charley born in Minnesota. That census also shows C. H. Mattson, age 28, born Minnesota, both parents born in Sweden, a Student Physician at Ancker Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota (line 35).

05-11-11, 02:38
There may have been another child, Gunnard, born 1916, died 9.11.1916, Duluth, MN. Parents are shown as Alex Mattson and Hannah Johnson.

Minnesota Death Index shows Christian Mattson, born 24.3.1905, died 12.12.1940, Midway Township, St. Louis County, MN; parents Alex Mattson and Hannah Johnson.

Also Mabel Adeline Josephine Mattson, born 3.11.1913, Minnesota; died 16.8.1999, Ramsey County, Minnesota; mother's maiden name Johnson

05-11-11, 02:55
Infant female Mattson, born 1911, died 3.4.1911, Duluth, Minnesota; parents Alex Mattson and Hana Johnson

Junnard N. Mattson, born 1916, died 21.2.1916, Duluth, Minnesota; parents Alex Mattson and Hannah Johnson. This may be the same person as Gunnard Mattson.

06-11-11, 11:51
Well, I've noticed that with Sweden-in 1930 cencus, but in 1910 it says the same family for Finland! Could this be because they spoke Swedish?

June Pelo
06-11-11, 16:04
Yes, sometimes a census taker assumes the family came from Sweden because they spoke Swedish.