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June Pelo
04-11-11, 21:07
The Finnish government will propose raising the president's annual salary from the current $168,000 to about $214,000.

Finland's sixth nuclear reactor will be built in Pyhajoki, on Finland's northwest coast. The cost is estimated at between 4 and 6 million euros and will become operational in 2020.

It is make or break time for Nokia. The company will unveil its first Windows-based "smart phone" at the end of Oct or beginning of Nov. In Feb. Nokia entered an alliance with Microsoft to develop a smart phone. In the meantime, with falling sales, Nokia plans to cut 7,500 jobs around the world.

In hockey, Finland is the reigning world champion, but in rugby it's a different story. According to rankings, New Zealand is No. 1 in the world... Finland ranks 93 in the rankings behind Cameroon, Guam and Peru.

Marimekko has opened a store in New York in Manhattan's Flatiron District, that resembles their stores in Finland. They already have 6 shop-in-shop stores inside Crate and Barrel home furnishings outlets, and they intend to open 17 more.