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Jorma Penttinen
12-11-11, 11:39
I am looking for the Robert Korhonen family was born 23, Jan, 1877 Viitasaari Finland (or 1878) his wife was Hilda Eskelinen was born Aug 8, 1880. They lived in Michigan Marquette, Big Bay area. I know they had children Arvi, Jenny and Arne. I did found that Arne married with Clara Loretta Barkow. Now I try to find out what happened to Jenny? Did she come back to Finland or did she get married with someone? How about Arvi did he get married with someone? Also I have information that their mother Hilda neč Eskelinen Korhonen died in Marquette Michigan but when that happened?

( I found conversation like that on the internet:
Immigrant records
Korhonen Robert Houghton MI USA 06.02.1909
We saw a posting by Thelma Cagle who had an inquiry about Robert Korhonen born in Viitasari Finland but we can't email her at the address listed. I you see this, Thelma, please contact me. This might be my husband's grandfather
My husband's grandfather is the second one on your list going to Houghton, MI. Are you also looking for Robert Korhonen from Viitasaari? If you look under those immigration records where you found these Korhonen's, his wife and children are listed under Hilda Korhonen. They lived in the upper pen. of Michigan Marquette, Big Bay area).

12-11-11, 13:54

The 1920 US Census shows Robert W. Korhonen, wife Hilda; and children Arvid, Jennie and Arne; Marquette, Michigan

A Robert Korhonen and Anna Haanpaa were married 16.9.1924, Negaunee, Baraga County, Michigan.

The 1930 US Census shows Robert W. Korhonen, wife Anna L, son Arne; and 5 Haanpaa step children; Marquette.

I found a Family Tree on Ancestry which shows Jennie Korhonen was the spouse of William Lottanen.

The 1930 US Census shows William Lottanen, age 33, wife Jennie, age 23, Baraga Avenue, Marquette. According to the census, Jennie was only 16 when first married. But no children are shown.

Michigan Deaths show Jennie M. Lottanen, born 25.7.1906, died 21.10.1992, Marquette, Michigan. Wilhelm Lottanen, born 27.3.1896, died 26.4.1975, Marquette, Michigan.

As of 1989, the address was 2042 Center Street, Marquette.

Alan Puromaki
Poland, Ohio

12-11-11, 14:08
1939 and 1948 Marquette Directories show Arvid E. Korhonen, wife Hilda M, 1826 Wilkinson Avenue, Marquette

12-11-11, 15:29
Ironwood Daily Globe, Ironwood, Michigan, Saturday, July 30th, 1938: Arvid E. Korhonen, Marquette and Mrs. Hilda Maria Ranta Lottanen, Ironwood, married.

Record Eagle, Traverse City, Michigan, Thursday, April 20th, 1967: Arvid Korhonen, 58, Marquette, drowned while fishing.

12-11-11, 16:15
Johannes Lottanen, age 35 and Hilda M. Ranta, age 22; both with residence in Van Buskirk, Wisconsin, were issued a Michigan marriage license on 28.8.1922. But there is nothing in the record to show they were actually married.

And I think Johannes Lottanen may have been the brother of Wilhelm (William) Lottanen, who married Jennie Korhonen.

Here is a 1918 Passenger List showing Vilhelm Lottanen, age 21 and Johannes Lottanen, age 30; both with the same father's name and both going to join friend Antti Torikka, Toronto, Canada (lines 14 and 25).

12-11-11, 16:24
The 1945 Marquette Directory shows Wm Lottanen, wife Jennie M., a dock worker for Addison Miller Company.

But the 1948 Marqauette Directory only shows Mrs. Jennie M. Lottanen, a waitress at a Marquette pharmacy.

Jorma Penttinen
12-11-11, 16:34
Thank YOU very much for information. It looks like Hilda Maria Eskelinen/ Korhonen died within 1920-24 or is it possible they did divorce. Then Robert remarried with Anna Haanpaa / Autio.
The text on News Paper: “Arvid drowned while fishing”, he was 4 years younger what he really was because he was born 1904. That’s OK.
Jennie had not children but I believe Arvid or Arne had children.
Thank you!

12-11-11, 17:04
Ironwood Daily Globe, Wednesday, January 26th, 1921: Death of Mrs. Robert Korhonen of Van Buskirk.

Jorma Penttinen
12-11-11, 17:11
Thank You. Now I know Hilda died 21.01.1921.

12-11-11, 17:37
There is a family tree posted on Ancestry for Arne Waldemar Korhonen, born 15.3.1908, Finland; died 2.7.1952, Marquette, Michigan; wife Clara Loretta Barkow, 1916-1993. It shows a son and 5 daughters. I could send a message through Ancestry to the owner of that tree...provide your name and email address...and ask that person to contact you. If you would like me to do this, send me your personal email address by private message.

Find-A-Grave shows Father, Arne W. Korhonen, 1908-1952, buried in Big Bay Cemetery, Marquette, Michigan.

Jorma Penttinen
18-11-11, 13:04
Yes they were brothers, Johannes b. 30.6.1887 and Wilhelm b. 27.3.1896 Father Johan (Juho Lottanen and mother Isa Serafia Sairanen, they lived in Ihantala, Viipuri county)