View Full Version : Uusikirkko adoption records?

12-11-11, 23:44
Sorry only speak English (Australia)
I am searching for a birth/adoption record of my aunt, Auroora (Aili) Lahtinen/Krabbi (?).
She was born Dec 16, 1917 in Uusikirkko to mother Aino Lahtinen and father Gustav Krabbi. However Gustav was married at the time to Reetta Liisa Kramsu and so we believe they adopted Aurora and moved to St Petersburg.
I cannot find any record of this on any of the online resources, even the Karjala database. Mikkeli archive don't seem to have online access. National archive says the server doesnt exist when I do a search.

Jorma Penttinen
05-12-11, 18:50
I'm sorry, but you do not receive information on the Internet, which are less than 100 years old. Former Uusikirkko, now "Poljanyn" belongs to the Soviet Union. It is quite difficult to get information from there.