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02-02-04, 01:24
When I contacted some relatives of my Swede-Finn grandparents who still live in Finland, I asked them why my grandparents would have left Finland. The answer I got from them was that at the time (about 1909), Finland was very poor. My grandparents would both have left their families so that they could find better opportunities. I know that my grandfather sent money back to his family in Finland from the USA to help them build up their farm.
I would like to know more about the living conditions and the economy of Finland at the time my grandparents would have left Finland.

Gunnar Damström
04-02-04, 07:02
The question you bring up- why people left Finland in large numbers around the turn of the century 1800-1900 is one that the Swedish Finn Historical Society and its periodical Quarterly focuses on. Have you read the Quarterly articles "The Emigrant Route Hangö-Copenhagen-Hull " and "The Darkest Moments in Finnish History"? You can download them from the SFHS web site where you log on to Finalnder. The Swedish Finn Historical Society has made it one of their main goals to preserve the legacy of this extraordinary exodus- when close to 50,000 Swede Finns among 400,000 Finns pulled up their roots to seek a better future across the ocean. The information contained in the SFHS archive has provided many people a perspective on thier existence, some times humbling.
Gunnar Damström

June Pelo
04-02-04, 18:24

Here is an article that may help you understand the situation.


04-02-04, 21:14
For those who haven't visited the SFHS website...

There is a nice set of articles in three collections on SFHS website. The link to the website is http://sfhs.eget.net

The article collection can be found directly from this link (http://sfhs.eget.net/P_articles/Q_artiklar/Q_linkframe.html) . You choose the collection from the bigger right frame and after that the articles from the left menuframe.