View Full Version : Eating right

June Pelo
26-11-11, 21:19
According to a recent article I read on nutrition, they said eating right doesn't have to be complicated. Nutritionists say there is a simple way to tell if you're eating right. Colors. Fill your plates with bright colors. Greens, reds, yellows.

In fact, I did that this morning. I had an entire bowl of jelly beans. It was delicious! I never knew eating right could be so easy.

Karen Douglas
28-11-11, 22:52
"Jelly beans?" How about "chocolate" - as in red, yellow and green M and M's?


June Pelo
28-11-11, 23:03
Right on, Karen! Anything made of chocolate tops my list. I usually get 5 pounds of M&Ms for Christmas as a gift... :)