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27-11-11, 08:30
Terve, I am looking for information about the Johan Carlby family from the Lohtaja area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Charles Umberger

Karen Norwillo
27-11-11, 16:38
Welcome. A few more details would be helpful What time frame are you searching? Do you know birthday? At least year? Always good to tell us what you know, helps to provide a starting point.

Karen Norwillo
27-11-11, 17:39
If this is your family, in Lochteå, Sold. Johan Carlby and Susanna Hansdotter married 12.12.1784
6.3.1786 to same parents, born Helena in Kannus by, Lochteå.
Per Rippi in Lochteå/Lohtaja, Johan born 24.8.1758. No date given for Susanna on image.
17.2.1789 Johan (afsk. sold) Karby (no l) and Susanna Hansdotter..Susanna
then in Toholampi there are several more births to a couple with same names
27.5.1792 Margaretha
28.2.1795 Susanna
2.2.1799 Eva, this one has the afsk.sold between Johan Carby
4.11.1801 Jacobus
22.12.1807 begr. i. Lochteå, died afsk.sold Johan Carlby 49y/4mos. dödslagen. This is noted in Toholampi on Hiski.

Karen Norwillo
27-11-11, 18:13
Here's the 1781-1795 rippi for Lohtaja for Carlby. Only one where I found them. FFHA doesn't have Toholampi images for the years needed.
Also birth for first Susanna.

Karen Norwillo
27-11-11, 20:54
Found a death for the first Susanna in Toholampi 12.7.1792 Susanna Johansdotter Carlby 6mos.
Also found births for 2 of the daughters who had children out-of-wedlock, then married later.
30.9.1816 Margaretha Johansdotter Carlby öäkta barn, 20-25, Abraham
26.1.1823 namn saknas/Eva Johansdr Carlby, Eric öä

Marriages in Toholampi
3.2.1817 Henric Eliasson Välikangas/Margar. Johansdr Carlby
29.10.1826 Abr. Michelss. Kopsala/Eva Johansdr. Carlby
23.11.1847 Jacob Johnss. Carlby/Anna Jacdr Kallinen
Hope this is the right family you're seeking.

28-11-11, 06:59
I want to thank you all for you help it is much appreciated! Just one last question, does anyone have an idea of where the Carlby family originated? I am thinking possibly Sweden and came to Finland as a soldier, but there doesn't seem to be much evidence for the name in Sweden. It seems more popular in Denmark and Britain. Perhaps a misspelling of the assumed name of Karleby? Any thoughts? Johan and Susan are the ancestors I was looking for.....

Thanks again,


June Pelo
28-11-11, 17:45
The Swedish name Karleby was formerly known as Gamlakarleby, roughly meaning old village of peasants. It was chartered in 1620 by king Gustav II Adolf of Sweden when Finland was part of Sweden. I've never seen the name Carlby/Karlby used as a family name, but maybe someone in Finland would know?

Karen Norwillo
28-11-11, 19:23
As this is the correct family, I have more info about the children of Johan and Susanna.
Children of Margaretha and husband Henric Välikangas born Toholampi
15.2.1818 Maria
27.4.1820 Michel
15.4.1825 Susanna
15.8.1827 Jacob
12.8.1829 Eva
11.8.1834 Tobias

Children of Eva and Abraham Kopsala born Toholampi
27.12.1826 Ephraim , Kopsala farm
10.2.1830 Johanna, Kopsala farm
22.11.1833 Amalia Fredrika, Hietala farm
20.10.1836 Alexander, Hietala farm
12.4.1840 Anna Lisa, Kopsala farm
From Hiski

28-11-11, 20:12
I've never seen the name Carlby/Karlby used as a family name, but maybe someone in Finland would know?


According to HisKi, the family name Carlby can be found mainly in Lochteå, Kannus and Toholampi, but it is in deed very rare. Also, there is recorded one Jonas Carlby who moved from Stockholm to Orivesi in 1771.

Göran Kuhlberg

Jaska Sarell
28-11-11, 22:17
As Johan Carlby was a soldier, his name may have no longer past history but as a soldier name.
I tried to check for him in the soldier records at FFHA site: Ostrobothnian Infantry Regiment (Pohjanmaan jalkaväkirykmentti) under Second Majorens Compagnie, as that company included soldiers from Lohtaja.
Unfortunately there's no records available between 1775 and 1790. He was too young in 1775 (born in 1758 as calculated from death age), and already out of service in 1790 (afsk.sold in birth record 1789).
The only reference to Carlby that I found was in 1749 Låchteå Compagnie recruitment records (FFHA member link (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=16772&pnum=349)). Rote #75 Daniel Carlby age 35 in service 6 years, born in Kalajoki, Österbotten, married.

Soldier's offspring may have used his soldier name as a surname for one or more generations, but the name does not tell anything about his own origin. Henrik Carlby earlier, Daniel Carlby and finally Johan Carlby may have nothing else in common, but profession - possibly the same rote number, which cannot be verified for Henrik C. either.

:) Jaska

12-02-12, 02:37
THanks again to everyone for your help! You have been a wonderful help.