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02-02-04, 06:43
I'm looking for information on my grandmother's sister . Saimi was born April 27, 1898 in Nurmo, Finland to Jaako and Serafia Pauhu. I know that she came to the United States at some point , that she married a name with the last name Lind, and that they lived in Miami, Florida...at least at one time. I don't know for sure when she left Finland or if she married before she left or after she arrived. I've tried searching records both in the United States and Finland but haven't found anything. I even tried searching cemetary records in Florida. It is also possible that she first went to Canada when she left Finland since her sister (my grandmother) lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

12-02-04, 17:21
It appears the two Pauhu sister married Toppi brothers and lived in Mount Clemens Michigan. On the ships manifest at Ellis Island on april 14, 1921 it states Saimi was going to her sisters
Sofia Toppi in Mount Clemens Michigan.
Here is from the 1930 census:
One son for Saima , John age 6.
Name Age in 1930 Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation to head-of-house Race Home in 1930

Frank Toppi 41 1888 Finland Head White Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI
Frances Toppi 34 1895 Wife Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI
Francis C Toppi 2 1927 Son Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI

John F Toppi 38 1891 Finland Head White Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI
Saima Toppi 30 1899 Wife Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI
John Toppi 6 1923 Son Mount Clemens, Macomb, MI

13-02-04, 07:24
Hi Alicia,

Thanks for the reply. I found this Saimi Pauhu listed on the Ellis Island site and got excited about it at first because the ages were so close. However, my Saimi was born April 27, 1898 in Nurmo and none of my records show a sister named Sofia. In addition, the last child that I have listed being born to the family before Saimi was in 1889. I do know that she was married to a man named Lind and the last information I have shows her living in Miami, Florida. I suppose that she could have been married more than once, but the mention of a sister Sofia kind of doesn't go with any other information that I have.

14-02-04, 05:29
Hi Sharon,

I could not find her at the Institute of Migration website from Finland.

I am wondering if she perhaps got married in Finland and traveled to America with her husband?


14-02-04, 05:36
Hi Chuck,

That is a possibility I have also thought of. I tried seaching the records using the last name Lind also but didn't come up with anything. How I wish that I had started all of this research when my mother was still alive to help me with some of the details.
My grandmother's obituary states that Saimi was living in Miami , Florida at that time (the early 60s) and that her last name was Lind. I remember hearing family mention her when I was very little but of course I can't remember any of the details.