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June Pelo
27-11-11, 18:58
After a fruitless search on HisKi and Talko, I have to admit defeat.. I'm looking for the parents of Maria Lovisa Andersdotter, b. 6 Sep 1841, Östensö, Pedersöre. According to Hiski her parents were Anders Andersson Tarvos and Brita Cajsa Johansdotter. There are lots of Anders Andersson Tarvos/Tarvonen names, but none married to Brita Cajsa Johansdotter. Could Brita's patronymic be wrong? I can't find any Tarvos/Tarvonen families that had a daughter Maria Lovisa, b. 1841. She married 1866 in Nykarleby to Anders Andersson Juth. In 1869 she returned to Pedersöre as a widow. Can anyone help?

Jaska Sarell
27-11-11, 22:24
You are lucky, since communion book of the time is viewable at NA digital archive.
Here's the family 1837-1847: http://digi.narc.fi/digi/view.ka?kuid=9587521

Father is Anders Andersson Tarvos b. 23.2.1822 and mother is Brita Caisa JohanFredriksdotter Östensö b. 13.8.1820. You have them in your Talko data with two other children.
It confuses that communion book has her patronymic as Fredriksdotter, but birth records used three times Fredriksdotter and seven times Johansdotter (as found in HisKi). Her father's christian names were Johan Fredrik (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t6017111).
His parents should be blamed for this confusion to 21st century genealogists :cool:

:) Jaska

June Pelo
27-11-11, 23:00
Thanks, Jaska. Yes, I saw those names in my database, but the patronymic was wrong, I thought, so I ignored them. As you know I have lots of Tarvos/Tarvonen data so I couldn't understand how I missed even one family! And I was sure you'd be the one to have the answer...