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June Pelo
28-11-11, 19:13
Can someone check Nykarleby records for years 1882-1886 for a Valdemar who was supposed to have been born between those years to Herman Mattsson Storgård, 1862-1917, and Susanna Johansdotter Långholm, 1862-1922.
My data shows the couple had 9 children, two of whom were born in Nykarleby. Family members insist there was a son Valdemar who was born between the first child Johan, b. 1882, and Paul, b. 1886. Valdemar supposedly died in 1899 in Buttersville, MI at age 16. Family members say that John and Valdemar traveled together to the US ca 1894.

13-12-11, 18:40
Hi June,

yes, there was a third son, Herman Valdemar, born on July 18, 1884.


June Pelo
13-12-11, 20:05

Thank you. The family was sure there was a Valdemar, but we had no record of his birth. I'll pass this along to them.