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02-02-04, 17:12
I have a lot of people with the note from the church records ”Till Amerika year –” and I would be grateful if I could find at least some of them. I am trying this forum first as the quickest way to go ahead.
Please let me know if you have seen or heard the following names anywhere. I have got some addresses, familiar places, but they are about 50 years old, and some of the people must be dead by now and their families have probably moved away. Their relatives here have lost contact with them long ago.
Vincent Malmstrom, 718 N.First Street, Ishpeming, Michigan
Mrs Hilda Brynelson, Route 1, Iron Mountain, Michigan
Mrs Edna May (husband Earle C. May), 16720 S.W.Alder Circle, Lade Oswgo, Or.
Mathilda Hellman born Nov. 13, 1867 (one of triplet sisters, the birth date of one sister was Nov. 12, but for Mathilda and the third one Nov. 13) . Married Lofstrom (Löfström), 700 West Hesheim Street, Iron Mountain.
Emma Henrika Hellman born Jan. 24, 1864, emigrated in 1888. No further information.
Further there are two brothers
Erik Jacobsson Kapell born Jan. 29, 1881 – emigrated in 1903
Edvard Jacobsson Kapell born March 16, 1886.
All these people were born in Solf , members of the Hellman family living in the small village Munsmo.


03-02-04, 23:53
Hello Ulla,
You have some good fortune here today.
I managed to find Mathilda at lst Lutheran in Iron Mountain plus now you know who she married:)
She had 6 children born in Iron Mountain. She arrived from Montevideo, Minnesota in 1889. She married Daniel in 1896. Daniel died Jan 1, 1943.
Please download the images and print them out. If this doesn't work for you, send me your street address by email and I will mail the fotocopies to you.
I also found some Bryngelson people so I thought to check them in the event that spelling could be an issue. I found an Anton Bryngelson born 1848 in Näfverstad and his wife H. Otilia Erikson born 1851 in the same Swedish parish. There was also a Brynelson, Raymond & Wife, on page 39 but page 39 did not appear:(
I checked for Kapell on the heritage quest 1910 census cd but found none there so possibly a name change with those boys. I did not check Lake Oswego, OR

04-02-04, 06:49

This shows an Edvard Kapell at age 19 going to Seattle Washington aboard the Oceanic. Oceanic was the first modern ocean liner according to a book which I have just finished reading. It is entitled "Transatlantic" . It has given life to some of the ship names I have seen:)
I was unable to locate Erik on the immigration website.


04-02-04, 18:12
Thank you very much for the information.
I managed to download the images but I could not make much out of it - it was very difficult to see the writing. I would be very grateful if you could mail the fotocopies to me at the address:
Ulla Höglund
Stenåkersvägen 17, 65410 SUNDOM, Finland.

04-02-04, 18:39
OK, they are in the letterbox waiting to be picked up by the postman and ought to get to you in a week.

I checked for Edvard Kapell at Seattle. 3 churches, Gethsemane Lutheran, lst Covenant, and Ballard Baptist but I did not find him in any of those places.


05-02-04, 06:31
Nothing about a Kapell in the records of the Emmaus Swedish Finn Evangelical Lutheran Church in Seattle either.

05-02-04, 06:42

Just want to say that Swenson has that record also but I skipped it because if he were to join, it probably would have been within his first few weeks of arrival.
Emmaus was organized in 1909, 4 years after he arrived in Seattle.
As the Swenson genealogist has told me, only about 35% of emigrants join a church in America.


12-02-04, 17:13
Hi Chuck,
Thanks a lot for the fotocopies! Now I know that Mathilda and Daniel Hjalmar Lofstrom had so many children that there are probably descendants of them somewhere.
I have also written to Paul Blomgren in Marquette about some of the Hellman relatives. Paul has helped us before in finding lost people. As a child he had lived next-door to one of my husband’s relatives in Ishpeming. Maybe he knows Vincent Malmstrom, too. The Hellman people were all first or 2nd cousins and if I can find one of them I think I’ll find the others, too.
What can I do to compensate you for your efforts?
Have a nice weekend,
Ulla Höglund

12-02-04, 20:35
I am pleased that this is helping you with your search and that is my reward!


06-03-04, 09:38
Hi Ulla,

Searching the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census I came up with two very slim chances for the Kapell brothers.

KAPELO Erick age 34 b. Fin Houghton Franklin Twp 647 1 162 B MI
I noticed at The Institue of Migration site that Edvard emigrated to Seattle, WA in 1905
I am hoping this possibly could be him.
APERSON -, age -, Birthplace Blank, King County 1-WD Seattle 1658 1 154 A WA.

Perhaps viewing the original census entry will reveal an occupation or year arr in America or something else to
help determine one way or another.

Two Malmstrom entries only could be found on the cd.
They were
MALMSTROM John V 43 b. Fin St Louis, 1-WD Virginia 724 1 62 B MN
MALMSTROM Levi 44 b. Fin Houghton, Adams Twp 646 1 145 A MI
Perhaps they are yours?

Best wishes especially with the Edvard entry.