View Full Version : Christmas foods in Finland

June Pelo
04-12-11, 23:54
I'm reading an article about the various foods eaten during the Christmas season: sweet loaf seasoned with cumin, aniseed and fennel; potato loaf and wheat bread; sweet cakes seasoned witth saffron, ginger cookies, plum pies, spice cakes, pig's head gelatin, ham, sausages, boiled potatoes; rutabaga casserole; barley porridge; fruit soup. Also lutefisk;, sweet potato casserole; carrot casseole; liver casserole; herring salad; marinated herring; Baltic herring; whitefish and salmon. Not all parts of Finland ate the same foods, but our family was Swedish-speaking and I remember eating herring salad, pickled herring, lutefisk, fruit soup, ham, lingonberries, limpa (bread), blood bread, and of course, potatoes. My father wanted potatoes served every day. I'm getting very hungry for herring salad and would make it if I had some herring here..