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Jim Bailey
02-02-04, 22:01
Hi, All ---

Seeking information about my great-grandfather:

Matts Nylund, born about 1860. Married (about 1884) Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Granholm who was born on Dec. 12, 1861, Gärtruds farm, Larsmo.

Matts came to the US in early 1892. Anna Sofia and daughter Hilda Sofia (my grandmother) came to US approx. summer 1892. They settled in Metropolitan, Michigan, and some years later moved to Ashland, Wisconsin.

I have Anna Sofia and Hilda Sofia's passport. It refers to them as "Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Pettil and her minor daughter Hilda Sofia". The passport says they came from Kållby, and I assume Pettil is for the Pettil farm near Kållby.

Matts and Anna Sofia died in Ashland, she on Sept. 18, 1933, and he about 1940. Everyone in the US always knew them as Matts and Anna Sofia Nylund. But, we found the Ashland, Wisconsin, obituary for Matts, and it seems to indicate a change from Pettil to Nylund here in the US (???).

Thanks to my distinguished colleague, friend, and relative Gustav Sundstrom, I can trace Anna Sofia back to about 1550, but I have nothing more on Matts.

Replies welcome in Swedish or English.

Sincere thanks for all assistance,

Jim Bailey
Greenfield, Indiana

Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 06:12
In my original "ad" for information, I inadvertently omitted one paragraph:

Gustav Sundstrom searched the Pedersöre marriage records and found that Matts Jacobsson Pettil had married Anna Sofia Granholm on Nov. 15, 1885. Except for this bit of information, I have not been able to find anything else on Matts Pettil-Nylund ... no date of birth, no parents' names, nothing. Searches in FamilySearch have been unavailing. Hiski does not cover the time period. For Anna Sofia, TALKO says only "gift med Matts Torp inte uppföljd". Torp????? Similar searches also unavailing.

June Pelo
05-02-04, 22:16

You mentioned Anna Sofia married to Matts Torp??. In the Pedersöre marriage records I saw the Torpp name several times - from Katternö, from Jakobstad, and one from Ytterpurmo. So Torp/Torpp was a name used in that area. Maybe Matts Torp moved to Pettil farm and took that name? I saw some marriages between Pettil and Sudd.

I have a Jakob Jakobsson Pettil, b. 1849 in Pedersöre, who took the names Pellis and Sudd.

I just saw a marriage record in Pedersöre for a Jacob Pehrsson Pettil, married 13 Nov 1858 to Greta Lisa Eriksdotter Sudd. If they had a son Matts b. 1860, he would fit your time frame.

There was a marriage on 11 Sep 1831 in Pedersöre between Matts Mattsson Nylund and Brita Simonsdotter Wikar. And a marriage in 1832 between seaman Jacob Nylund and Cajsa Greta Westerlund. So the Nylund name appears infrequently.

Also saw a marriage in Pedersöre on 20 Nov 1831 between Jacob Jacobsson Pettil and Maja Hansdotter Kijf.

Looks like you'll have to become a detective in your search!


Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 22:30
Thanks, June ---

When Mary Kae Sandstorm, my first-cousin-once-removed, was here about eight years ago, I shared Anna's Sofia's passport information with her. When she returned to Wisconsin, she checked in Ashland for Matts Nylund's obituary and found it.

Later, in a phone conversation, she told me the obituary did indicate Matts Nylund's name had been Pettil, but she never sent me a copy. So, I just called her again last Sunday, and she is going to send a copy.

Also, last night Chuck Maki in Rock Island, IL, told me he is checking the microfilm church records at the Swenson Center for Saron Lutheran Church in Ashland.

Let's hope that, one way or another, these bits of information help solve the mystery.

All the best,

06-03-04, 09:12
Hi Jim,

I think I have found Matt on the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 census cd.

NIELUND Matt age 46 b. Fin Ashland, 2-WD Ashland 1700 2 36 A WI

Hoping this helps you.


Jim Bailey
06-03-04, 17:12
Hi, Jeannette ---

Many thanks. The information on his age is very helpful as I did not have his year of birth.

We also knew he and his family had come first to Metropolitan, Mich. in 1892, but still don't know the exact year they moved to Ashland, Wisc. Do you know what "2-WD" means, as well as "1700 2 36 A"? I assume the "WI" is Wisconsin??

Now, I have you as a cite for "authority" in my data. :) :) :)

Again, many thanks,


06-03-04, 19:04
Hi Jim,

Sorry about the numbers without explanations.

The 1700 2 36 A are the location on the 1910 census.
If you were to look at the actual census image you would need to look at Wisconsin State
T624 microfilm roll No 1700 part 2 Page 36 subpage A.

I'm not sure about the WD- I think it might be ward as cities have them and smaller places seem to use Twp which I understand as Township and can include neighbouring villages and farms.

The year of birth is only a guide because the census was taken in April over a period of some weeks. Depending on whether his birthday falls before or after the census date and whether they made allowances for an impending birthday it can be out several years.

I think the NARA site has full explanations about the census and sample forms which can be downloaded. I just can't put my hands on the correct url at the moment, but here is a site with a short explanation
of the 1910 census.

Hoping this helps

Best wishes,
(I'm no authority)

18-03-04, 01:45
I found this guy and just want to record him somewhere so I choose to place him here:)
PNW40, Peace Lutheran [result of 4 church merger] in Astoria, OR:

Matts Nylund, b. 5-11-1863 at Pedersö Finland, em: 1883 and to here 1893
wife Lovisa Nylund, b. 17-11-11860 at Pedersö Finland, same immigration data as husband.


18-03-04, 03:31
Just stumbled across this message and thought I'd post the image Jeanette referrs to. WD does stand for Ward.

You'll notice daughter Irene, age 11, was born in Michigan while son William, age 8 was born in Wisconsin. This should help to narrow down when they moved to Wisconsin: probably between late 1899-early 1902.

18-03-04, 03:47
Hi Jim,
I did a quick check in the 1900 census and they were in Ashland at that time. I've attached the image. Some details that don't show on the image are Matts immigrated in 1886, Sophie & Hilda in 1892 (slightly different than you originally mentioned). Don't know if that helps or not--sometimes the census is wrong.

Census was taken June 4, 1900. You'll notice daughter Selma was born in WI in Dec 1899. The nice thing about 1900 is it lists the birth month as well as the year. :)

Hope this helps!

Jim Bailey
18-03-04, 23:32
Hi, Jeannette, Kevin, and Chuck ---

I've been swamped this past week or so and just got to Chuck and Kevin's notes late last night. Many thanks to you both and to Jeannette for her second e-mail. I really appreciate all the help and, No, Chuck, I have no problem with your parking this "other" Matts Nylund on this thread. Who knows, we also may be related somehow. I'll check.

I am particularly pleased, as I have traced the line of Matts' WIFE, Anna Sofia Granholm (my great grandmother), back to 1410 (to a person with the marvelously Swedish & Finnish combination name of Ragvald Koiraniemi). It looks like we may have more Finnish blood in us than we thought. That's great! Now, if I can just trace Matts' line back equally as far.

Again, my very sincere thanks,

All the best,


June Pelo
19-03-04, 03:01

You said you traced Anna Sofia Granlund back to Ragvald Koiraniemi. Ragvald had a son Olof Koira who had a son Mickel Caino, who had a son Grels, who had a son Olof, b. ca 1510, who had a son Mickel. Mickel had a son Olof Caino, b. ca 1550, and a son Henrik Storcaino, b. ca 1570. Which one did your Anna Sofia descend from? There are many people with links to Ragvald - Hasse, Kevin, Leo Furu, and me as my 14th ggfather. Do you have the Caino-Torp book? The descendants of Olof Grelsson Caino, b. ca 1510 are in this book.


Jim Bailey
19-03-04, 04:37
Hi, June ----

If my research is correct, my line from Ragvald runs as you state from Ragvald down to Olof Mickelsson Caino (b. about 1550), and then:

his son Olof Lillkaino Caino Torp, b. ca. 1570, then son Gabriel Torp, b. 1609, then son Matts Torp Kortjärvi, b. 1650, then son Daniel Kortjärvi, b. 1669/70, then daughter Carin Kortjärvi Bjong, b. 1700, then daughter Brita Bjong, b. 1731, then daughter Margeta Bjong, b. 1768, then daughter Anna Caisa Hästö, b. 1795, then son Matthias Hästö Granholm, b. 1825, then Anna Sofia Granholm, b. 1861, the last of whom was my great-grandmother.

(Just one correction on your note: it was Granholm instead of Granlund.)

According to my FamTreeMaker program, Ragvald is my 17th g.g.f.

I have been doing a lot of research on TALKO but find some of the entries (as between Gedcoms) to be conflicting. I hope my statements above are a correct recap of events. Please advise if you find any errors.

Because of space limitations, Part 2 of this note follows in a few minutes.



Jim Bailey
19-03-04, 05:12
Part 2 -

Hi, June ---

You ask about the Caino-Torp book. I have the book order form but have not ordered the item yet. The form is unclear as to how one pays. Do we send check, money order, or clear some type of draft in advance with our bank?

As to being related to you, Hasse, Leo, Kevin, and others, it appears Hasse Nygård and I are related via TWO lines from my 7th g.g. f. Johan Larsson Hästo, b., 1667 ... AND

2nd - Hasse has my 10th g.g.parents Jöns Andersson Rapp Lillrank, b. 1569, and Karen Olofsdotter, b. 1570 in his line ... AND

3rd - Hasse has my 6th g.g. parents Jacob Jacobsson Lyttare, b. 1704, and Maria Pehrsdr. Andtbacka, b. 1701, in his line.

You and I are 6th cousins, at least, and thru TWO lines: I descend from a son Anders of Per Persson Kalfholm, b. 1726, & Maria Hansten, b. 1727, AND ALSO thru a daughter Maria of Johan Hansten, b. 1682, and Margareta Jacobsdr. Bäckman, b. 1688.

I'm also related to Hasse Andtbacka thru my 8th g.g. parents AND through Hans Jönsson Kolamb Kuhalampi, b. 1540, from whom I would be Generation 15.

Quite uniquely, I am indirectly related to Hasse A. thru Mickel Simonsson Haga, b. 1790, through his g.g.daughter Signe Mikaelina who somehow ended up in SOUTHERN Finland and married my great-uncle Johan Edvin Sandström, b. 1875. My Sandströms had no apparent ties with Ostrobothnia but have a long history in Tenala parish, near Hangö.

Am also related to Jaska Sarrell. As for Kevin and Leo, I'll start looking tomorrow.

Once I get the Caino Torp book, I'll start looking for more ties.

Please let me know if you want me to send any information. Also if you find any other connections.

All the best,


Karen Norwillo
19-03-04, 17:46
Jim, You can add me to that list. Jons and Karen were my 11th ggparents. The info that June sent me had his name as Jons Andersson Rank Lillrank. Is it Rapp or Rank? Karen

Jim Bailey
19-03-04, 20:57
Hi, Karen ---

Delighted to know we are cousins too. Is the line from Jöns and Karin down to you on TALKO? I'll take a look.

I can type your date into my data base, and then use the RELATIONSHIP CALCULATOR to tell me what our relationship is.

For example, Hasse Nygård and I are 7th cousins, while June Pelo and I are 6th cousins. I still have to input data for Hassa Andtbacka and Jaska Sarell's lines.

These relationships may be even closer once I trace the line for my great grandfather Matts Jacobsson Pettil-Nylund. Kevin Paavo very graciously sent me copies of the 1900 and 1910 censuses, so I have May 1864 for Matts' birth date.

Problem: Hiski doesn't cover this time slot, and Family Search only has one Matts born in May 1864 from Kauhajöki. I am virtually certain this is NOT my Matts who came, I am almost sure, from Pedersöre.

My best bet for parents, so far, is Jacob Mattsson Pettil (10 July 1825) and Maja Greta Jacobsdotter Wärnå (11 May 1825). They're on Gören Berlund's TALKO gedcom, with seven children ending just before 1864. I'm wondering if in reality they had more children and if Matts was one of them.

One of Jacob & Maja Greta's grandsons changed his name to Nylund, and I'm wondering if others in the family did so too.

As far as last names (Rapp or Rank with Lillrank), I have seen both. I have used what I found on the various TALKO gedcoms. I realize last names may come from birth-farm, or farm where one is the master, or from farm of wife (if one is son-in-law --- måg), but it seems to me that each researcher makes slightly different decisions as to names to use and the order in which they are arranged. I follow as best I can, combine some names, and use common sense in a few places. Correct? Incorrect? Who knows?

All the best,


June Pelo
19-03-04, 21:25

Write directly to Jan-Erik Nygren and ask him how he wants to handle this. He handled the sale of the Caino-Torp book and he probably would accept a check. Jan-Erik.Nygren%40pp.inet.fi At first one had to deal with a US bank, but I think some changes have been made re payment. You could mention to Jan-Erik that I suggested you write directly to him.

The Caino-Torp book shows that your Anna Jakobsdr. Hästö married 1817 Anders Andersson Fagernäs, 1795-1866. Did Anders take the name Granholm and then his son Mathias took the Granholm name? The book doesn't mention this because it doesn't cover events in the 1800s.

Jim, you are also related to people not on Finlander: Ronny Norberg, Peter Gentala, Wm. Berg, Ron Hamilton, Lynda Bie, Helen Smith - and Vincent Erickson. Maybe others I don't know about.

It's Jöns Andersson Rank-Lillrank, b. ca 1569.


June Pelo
19-03-04, 21:42

I forgot to ask if you could send me your descent from Anna Hästö, b. 1795. Then I can correctly do some calculating, but as of now don't have your link through Kalfholm/Fagernäs and Hanstén.



Jim Bailey
20-03-04, 04:00
Hi, June ---

I just wrote to Jan-Erik Nygren about the Caino Torp book as you suggested. And I did take your name in vain. Many thanks.

As for assumption of the name Granholm, Gustav Sundström was good enough to send me information that he had gathered in Pedersöre, so my information comes from him. It shows Anders (1795-1866) changed from Fagernäs to Hästö, and that his son Matthias was the first to use Granholm.

Matthias had two wives. I am descended through his first wife, Anna Sofia Slussnäs. I can't recall WHO, but I think some of our Finlander folks are descended through the second wife, Sofia Helenasdotter Finnäs.

You mention I am also related to some non-Finlander folks: Ronny Norberg, Peter Gentala, Wm. Berg, Ron Hamilton, Lynda Bie, Helen Smith - and Vincent Erickson. My face is red, but I don't recognize the names ... are they former members of Finlander, or are they more illuminated stars of Swede-Finn culture? That is an area I am just now getting into, so my ignorance is .... well, :) :)

Last, I'll be glad to send you the materials on Anna Hästö, b. 1795. I'll send the basics in the next e-mail, and I could also send a more detailed report in your private e-mail, if you like. My program does BEAUTIFUL narrative reports!

All the best,


Jim Bailey
20-03-04, 04:17
Hi, June ----

Here is the basic data on my descent from Anna Hästö, b. 1795.

Son Matthias Andersson Hästö Granholm (1825-1896) married Anna Sofia Hansdotter Slussnäs (1828-1868).

Daughter Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Granholm (1861-1933) married (in Pedersöre in 1885) Matts Jacobsson Pettil Nylund (1864 - ca. 1940).

(Story from my mother: I was taken to see Matts in Ashland shortly after my birth in 1939. They failed to take a 4-generation photo and regretted it ever afterward as Matts died shortly after the visit.)

Daughter Hilda Sofia Mattsdotter Pettil Nylund (1885-1959) married (in Ashland, Wisconsin, in 1906) Edward Amatus (in the USA: Edward Martin) Sandström (1880-1956).

Daughter Edith Aurora Sandstrom (1908-1992) married (in 1938 in Houghton, Michigan) James Francis Bailey, Jr. (1909-1953).

And the result: Wonderful Me and three younger brothers. :) :) :)

Send me your e-mail address, and I'll try to send a complete listing of everything I have from Anna Hästö (or anyone else you want) on downward. I can send either gedcom or narrative reports.

All the best,


Jim Bailey
20-03-04, 04:38
Hi, June ----

As a follow-up on your question, I checked Matthias Andersson Hästö Granholm on TALKO. There is a note in the Cronyby database record that states: "Tjänade ett par år som ung dräng på prästgården i Larsmo. Flyttar sen till Gertruds och ändrar efter namnet till Granholm."

For those who don't read Swede, my humble translation is: "Served a couple of years as young farmhand at Prästgården Farm in Larsmo. Moves later to Gertruds Farm and changes last name to Granholm."

So, I guess the change came about with Matthias.

All the best,


June Pelo
20-03-04, 19:07

Narrative reports would be fine. I already have some of the data. My e-mail: jmpelo%40nut-n-but.net

As far as being related to all those people, you probably wouldn't know them. I have worked with many of them in the past - before Finlander. Some used to be on Finngen and I don't think some of them are actively involved in research now.

My father had two uncles who lived in Ashland ca 1900. One of them drowned while crossing the bay to Washburn where Dad's aunt lived. I haven't been up that way since I was a kid.


Karen Norwillo
20-03-04, 21:26
Jim, I have an Acrobat file with direct line from Jöns to me if that would help. Would save you having to go through my GedCom and pulling out what you need. I can email it to you if you want. You can email me through "private message" here or to my knorwillo%40hotmail.com Karen

Jim Bailey
20-03-04, 21:57
Hi, June ----

It's a grey, rainy afternoon in Indiana; the housework is done; and I now have an excuse to sit down and work out the narrative reports for you.

I will send this afternoon or tomorrow.

Many thanks,


Jim Bailey
20-03-04, 22:00
Hi, Karen ---

Yes, please send the acrobat file. My e-mail is:


(Note the "1" after jbailey. Many people miss it, and I fail to receive the materials.)

:) :) :)

I will also work up the narrative report(s) and send today or tomorrow.

Many thanks,


June Pelo
22-03-04, 19:30

You asked about Jöns Andersson Rank-Lillrank, b. ca 1569. I should have mentioned that he had a son Per Jönsson Lillrank-Rapp - note he used the Rapp name.


Carolyn Nelson
22-10-04, 01:56
Jim: I am related to some Nylunds who are from near the Kallby area. (We have several relatives from Kallby and Edsevo. I will check my geneology lists and see if any of your names are the same ones that I have. Carolyn Nelson

Jim Bailey
28-10-04, 03:06
Hi, Carolyn ---

Wow! This is the first post to this thread since March. It reminded me that I have been delinquent in posting additional information received at a later date via private e-mail.

Wonderful Gustav Sundstrom sent me the link I needed for Matts Nylund about 4 or 5 months ago. Matts' father and mother, plus brothers and sisters, were already listed in TALKO, but for some reason, Matts (the youngest) was never listed.

I knew Matts was a Jacobsson from Pettil farm, so I had strong suspicions he was the son of Jacob Mattsson Pettil ... but I could find no connection in the available records. Fortunately, Gustav sent me the information I needed to link Matts to his parents.

I have used that information to trace Matts' family back several centuries. So, now I have traced all four of my MATERNAL great-grandparents back much further with TALKO, the Mormon Family Search, and Hiski. In a few cases, I have reached back to the early 1400s. I am still working on these and am adding more as I find them.

In any case, I now have nearly 6,000 names in my database ... nearly all of them related to me by blood or through marriage into the family. So, I must convert this all to GEDCOM and send to Hasse for posting in TALKO.

I look forward to seeing the names you find. In the meantime, I will send my GEDCOM to Hasse, and you can check against that too.

Many thanks for the note, and

Best regards,

Jim Bailey
A Half-Irish Swede-Finn Stranded in the Cornfields of Indiana

04-12-04, 03:30
I am from Felch and I have a book that has Lean Nylund, John Nylund, William Nylund and Wiktor Nylund in Felch in 1902-1904 members of a club. They could very well be all brothers of Matt. I still live in Dickinson County; let me know if I can be of some help.

Jim Bailey
15-12-04, 18:16
Hi, Suellenborn ---

Thanks for the reply. Please pardon the delay in responding as I was in Mexico for a week, and things have been piled up since I got back.

You mention a book about Felch. Is it the centennial book? I have that one, as I stopped in Felch about 1980 to visit Ann Sundstrom and purchased it at that time. If you are referrring to a different book, could you give me the author and title? I'd like to purchase if possible.

As for Matt Nylund's possible connection to Leander, John, William, and Victor, that is possible, but I doubt they were brothers. Matts' parents were Jacob Mattsson PETTIL, born 10 July 1825, and Maja Greta Jacobsdotter WäRNå, born 11 May 1825. We have no idea from where the name NYLUND came, but one of Matts' nephews (Johan Emil Pettil Nylund) who remained in Finland also took the surname Nylund.

Strangely, I find that NONE of Matts' seven syblings took the name, nor did any other nieces or nephews. Additionally, I find no record that any of the syblings or nieces & nephews came to America.

Matts' seven syblings were Maria Lovisa (b. 1848), Jacob (b. 1849), Johanna (b. 1852), Matts (b. 1854), Johanna (b. 1856), Johan (b. 1859), and Alexander (b. 1861).

Where do you live in Dickinson County? I have explored Felch/Metropolitan several times, as well as Felch Mountain, Theodore, Randville, Hardwood, Foster City, etc. I've also been in Iron Mountain & Kingston several times. Love da U.P!!!!

One family story is that Matts had to leave his daughter Hilda Sofia (my grandmother) at the Randville train station, for a trip to Ashland, WI, I believe. The train was late. The men working around the station were somewhat crude and rough, teased my grandmother, and frightened her so much she ran to Tom King's farm house that was not too far away.

The story I heard is that Tom King was one of the VERY few African-Americans in the area, that he and his family took my grandmother in for the afternoon, and set out a meal for her. Then Tom King hitched up the buckboard and took her to the train station and waited with her till the train arrived.

There is a Tom King Creek in the area, and there is also a metal plaque commemorating Tom King as one of the first innkeepers in the area. The metal plaque is at the shelter building in Pentoga County Park between Crystal Falls and Iron River. The story has special sentimental value for me, as the area is (as you know) still sparsely populated, mostly empty, and heavily forested. I can imagine my grandmother's fear at being left alone at the station.

Thanks for the offer of help. I'll be glad to return the favor too.

Very cordially,

Jim Bailey
Greenfield, IN

16-12-04, 02:40
I saw the name Leander and it reminded me of this Leander so while I am here, I am entering all the ppl of that surname in Dickinson County:
code: 11h = husband on page 11 of membership book, 211 = Swenson code for Metropolitan's Zion Lutheran. The date following the parish = emigration.

at Swenson 211 = Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran
11h Leander Nylund Nielund Dec 23 1873 Kållby Pedersöre unk 211

1w Brita Katrina Nielund Nov 3 1869 Nykarleby 1901 211

21w Ida Sofia Nylund Aug 6 1875 Nykarleby 1898 211

30h Wilhelm Nylund Oct 7 1882 Nykarleby 1900 211

Perhaps one or more of these ppl may fit this thread. I did not check other UP counties on the dbase for this surname.

01-01-05, 01:56

I found information about this person in a database that I got from a friend of mine, mr. Bert Lindvall. There I found all information about her ancestor's in Kållby. The Pettil family still exists here in Kållby. If you want more information, please contact bert.lindvall%40hotmail.com or christian.dahlin%40multi.fi