View Full Version : Lutefisk!

June Pelo
08-12-11, 17:14
It's getting to be that time again... to eat lutefisk. Someone sent me an article about the lutefisk dinners put on by churches in Wisconsin, but I know the churches in Minnesota and Michigan also serve lutefisk dinners, too. One church in Madison, WI orders 1,000 pounds of it and serve about 800 people. It is served all-you-can-eat family style, with Swedish meatballs for the non-fish lovers. The dinners are served continuously from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. There are two brothers who show up each year from their farm and they each eat four platefuls.

When I lived in D.C. my Lutheran church there served lutefisk dinners every year.. the kitchen wasn't air conditioned in those days and we all slaved away in that hot steamy kitchen serving up dinners to a never-ending crowd. My supervisor wasn't Scandinavian, but he showed up and tried the fish.. and liked it.

Here's an interesting article about lutefisk dinners in Minnesota: