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Jim Bailey
02-02-04, 22:10
Hi, All ---

Seeking information about my great-grandfather:

Matts Nylund, born about 1860. Married (about 1884) Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Granholm who was born on Dec. 12, 1861, Gärtruds farm, Larsmo.

Matts came to the US in early 1892. Anna Sofia and daughter Hilda Sofia (my grandmother) came to US approx. summer 1892. They settled in Metropolitan, Michigan, and some years later moved to Ashland, Wisconsin.

I have Anna Sofia and Hilda Sofia's passport. It refers to them as "Anna Sofia Mattsdotter Pettil and her minor daughter Hilda Sofia". The passport says they came from Kållby, and I assume Pettil is for the Pettil farm near Kållby.

Matts and Anna Sofia died in Ashland, she on Sept. 18, 1933, and he about 1940. Everyone in the US always knew them as Matts and Anna Sofia Nylund. But, we found the Ashland, Wisconsin, obituary for Matts, and it seems to indicate a change from Pettil to Nylund here in the US (???).

Thanks to my distinguished colleague, friend, and relative Gustav Sundstrom, I can trace Anna Sofia back to about 1550, but I have nothing more on Matts.

Replies welcome in Swedish or English.

Sincere thanks for all assistance,

05-02-04, 05:42
I searched in Zion Lutheran at Metropolitan, Swenson #211.
Bottom line first: I did not find him as Nylund or Pettil or something close.

I did find a guy named Leander Wilhelm Nylund born 12-23-1873 at Koleby, Pädersöre Finland. Maybe somebody of interest?

I thought it might be worth mentioning because spelling of towns in these church records isn't always exact. Koleby and Kållby are soundalikes for English speakers:)


Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 05:44
In my original "ad" for information, I inadvertently omitted one paragraph:

Gustav Sundstrom searched the Pedersöre marriage records and found that Matts Jacobsson Pettil had married Anna Sofia Granholm on Nov. 15, 1885. Except for this bit of information, I have not been able to find anything else on Matts Pettil-Nylund ... no date of birth, no parents' names, nothing. Searches in FamilySearch have been unavailing. Hiski does not cover the time period. For Anna Sofia, TALKO says only "gift med Matts Torp inte uppföljd". Torp????? Similar searches also unavailing.

05-02-04, 06:01
Does the obit by any chance name a church? If so, perhaps it is on the Swenson list and I could find something of value to you there.

Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 06:01
Hi, Chuck ---

I had just posted the "amendment" to my "ad" when, Bingo! there was your message. Many thanks.

I must confess my ignorance of your online (or hard copy?) source, Swenson #211, but the funny thing is that I have been in Metropolitan several times and have actually checked the real church book itself. The first time in the 1960s was the original BIG book, but later they had put the original in safe storage and only had a smaller photocopy at the Zion Church.

My first time there, the pastor told me he had actually gone back to Finland (or Sweden?) and preached in his mother's church there. He also showed me the very impressive carved ship that hangs in the church. And, of course, the stunning silence of this beautiful and remote area was very soothing. The last time, my mother was with me in summer 2001 just half a year before she died.

Like you,we found Leander Leilund and (I think) also a Victor Nylund. My mother's laughing explanation was that her grandfather Matts was a stubborn old fart who didn't like authority and didn't go to church, so she was not surprised that his name (as well as Anna Sofia and Hilda) was missing.

I'd be interested to know what Swenson #211 is. Many thanks for your assistance.


Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 06:07
Hi, Chuck ---

I called my cousin in Ashland, WI, about four days ago to get a copy of his obit. I'll let you know if it helps.

In the meantime, could you check Saron Lutheran Church in Ashland? As Matts died just about the time I was born (1939), I don't know if Saron existed at that time. But Matts' daughter Hilda and her daughter Mildred were very active in Saron.

BTW, my last note should have said NEILUND and not Leilund.

Again, sincere thanks.

05-02-04, 06:11
Hi Jim,
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center is located on the campus of Augustana College here in Rock Island, Illinois. I am an alum so have free access to the microfilm records.

Many Swede-Finns joined Swedish language churches when they came to America.

So I quoted to you the number Swenson puts on the microfilm for Metropolitan's church.
This is their website:

05-02-04, 06:15
I shall be checking it tomorrow:)

L 1886 E-55 MINS1912-1963;MEMB1886-1957;M/A'86-58

probably find you in the baptismal record book:)


Jim Bailey
05-02-04, 06:41
Hi, Chuck ----

If you send me your e-mail address, I'll tell you privately a funny (??) story about NOT finding me in the baptismal book. I don't think I should relate it here.