View Full Version : English version of a Finnish song

June Pelo
17-12-11, 17:53
I have a request for an English version of a song that is quite well-known in Finland:
The composer is Kassu Halonen and lyrics are from Vexi Salmi.
The name of the song is in Finnish: Sydämeeni joulun teen ( about: In my Heart I make my Christmas)

Does anyone know of an English version online?

17-12-11, 21:26

here's one: http://oisuomi.dreamwidth.org/4277.html

June Pelo
17-12-11, 21:41
Thank you.. I'm sure she'll be happy to get this with both Finnish and English version.

17-12-11, 21:56
June, this is from Kaustinen/Kaustby, Konsta's Christmas Carol by Konsta Jylhä. I hope you can hear it. But if not there are many versions of it in Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1_dis4tTKM&feature=related

We share common Kaustinen roots, I guess, and also with Mr Kivinen. :)

June Pelo
17-12-11, 22:02
Thanks... I'll pass it along, too. And yes, Ilmari Kivinen and I have compared our genealogy connections.