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Laura Hayden
19-12-11, 23:56

I am trying to help a DNA match, Lloyd - possible 4th cousin - build his family tree but unfortunately have found about all I can via ancestry.com and other sites and was hoping maybe someone here could help.

His parents are:
Uno Valdemar Lassfolk, born 22 February 1894 in Pjelax, Närpes
Tea Gunhild Skomars, born 7 Sep 1913 Närpes (?)

They immigrated to Canada in March of 1930. On the Canadian Passenger Lists, Uno's mother is given as Wilhelmina Lassfolk, living in Pjelax; while Tea gives an aunt Mrs. Olivia Fält (?), living in Wasa.

Uno Lassfolk trained as a gardener in Russia, was later instrumental in getting greenhouse farming started in Närpes in 1926 and for many years had a business in Canada growing and selling produce and flowers.

I was able to find two brothers for Uno: Georg (birthdate unknown) and Alfons, born about 1896; the latter immigrated to Canada in 1922.

Lloyd has also found what looks to be a marriage record for Uno's parents, given as:

Anders Henrik Andersson Lassfolk and
Wilhelmina Johansdotter (no surname given)

Do any of these names sound familiar? Any help would be very much appreciated!


20-12-11, 09:54
Search from http://finlander.genealogia.fi/sfhswiki/index.php/The_Talko_Project

His parents were not mentioned here.

Lassfolk Alfons Anders-Henriksson
Male 1896 -

Birth 16 Aug 1896 Pjelax
Gender Male

Family Sandbäck (Räfsbäck) E.E.J.
1. Lassfolk E.G.


20-12-11, 10:01
And Georg Lassfolk.

Lassfolk Georg
Male 1901 - 1979

Birth 12 Oct 1901
Gender Male
Died 9 Aug 1979 Pjelax

Father Lassfolk Anders Henrik, b. 1856, d. 1928, Pjelax
Mother Gabbels Wilhelmina, b. 1861, d. 1944, Pjelax

Family Berlin A.H.
1. Lassfolk L.J.
2. Lassfolk Hjördis Gunvor, b. 27 Apr 1930, Pjelax d. 18 Jun 1930, Pjelax
3. Lassfolk K.G.
4. Lassfolk Gurli Karita, b. 23 Jun 1935, Pjelax d. 5 Sep 1935


June Pelo
20-12-11, 14:06
A while ago I had a request from Jan Kummel: jan.kummel*pp.inet.fi for information about an Oscar Gabbels. I wasn't able to find anything. You could contact Jan Kummel and find out more about Gabbels.

Laura Hayden
20-12-11, 20:58
Kaarina and June, thank you so much for the help! I am sure Lloyd will be thrilled.

Kaarina, the names of Georg and A.H.'s daughters sound unusual - at least in comparison to the names I typically see for that area - might their mother have been Norwegian? June, I will contact Jan Kummel. Since my Råtts line also spent many generations in Pjelax, I'll focus my search for a possible connection between Lloyd and I there.

As I find out more I'll post updates to the thread in case any future researchers might have need of the information.

Again, thank you.

Laura Hayden
21-12-11, 04:50
Lloyd found another bit of information in old notes, possibly his maternal grandmother (mother of Tea Gunhild Skomars):

Matilda Johanson (s.b. Johansdotter?) Andria GRÖNVIK.

This is a new surname for me when it comes to researching Närpes families and although I was unable to find it at all either via HisKi or the Institute of Migration, at ancestry.com there are two other immigrants to Canada from Närpes with that name; the father's name was given as Johan Nestor Grönvik, living in Tjärlax, Finland.

As always, any help is appreciated and I can return the favor either through ancestry lookups or searches locally in Portland, Oregon; Vancouver, Washington; the Oregon Coast.



22-12-11, 09:39
Think they know more about the families here.