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June Pelo
04-02-04, 18:06
Here's a picture of 11,986 people fishing through 18 inches of ice on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MN. This area has a lot of Scandinavians and people come from all over to fish, hoping to win $150,000 if they catch the biggest fish.


07-02-04, 00:34
Hi June

My daughter, in Canada at present, has just experienced "ice fishing" for the first time. Not that she actually took part, but she and her Canadian friend were driving along, when suddenly the friend stopped the car, leapt out and strode (strided??- well, took big steps anyway) across the ice to where some fellows were fishing through a hole in the ice. Until then, my daughter (Paula) did not believe that this type of fishing really happened. She waited though until her friend arrived safely before she tentatively attempted to "walk on water" as she put it. She also made it safely and to prove it a photo-call with the fishermen displaying their catch followed. I am really looking forward to seeing those photos when she sends them to me!


June Pelo
07-02-04, 01:30

Ice fishing is popular all over our northern states. As soon as the ice freezes thick enough to walk on, the fishermen drill holes and start fishing. I like fresh fish, but I don't think I'd be desperate enough to sit out on the cold ice and wait for a fish to bite my hook. ;)