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04-02-04, 21:42
Do some of these folks sound familiar to any of you?

Ray Erickson, b. 1954? in Denver CO

F: Harvey Erickson, Denver CO
M: Lydia
GP: Nestor Erickson and Lillian b. Jensen

GGP: Leander Eriksson b. 1861 m. Amanda Jacobson b.1873
Leander probably living in Ludington MI. Leander's sister Amanda Eriksson also lived in the same area, married to Andrew Lindqvist with roots from Karleby.

05-02-04, 05:13
Hi Hasse,
I will try Ludington for Leander and his sister Amanda. If they are not members, perhaps a baptismal record for Harvey.
We are fortunate because the 3 swedish churches in Mason County are all in Ludington and they all were organized betwen 1874 and 1882 so if they joined one of them, we hope to find them and see where they went. Hmm, to Denver, right? :)

I am feeling lucky because I made a great find today at Swenson. One of those "gone to Amerika" Swedes who left no address to the homefolks in .se


06-02-04, 00:29
I checked Emanuel Lutheran [243], Trinity Ev. Free [sc46] and Washington Av Baptist [b153].
I didn't have any good luck find an Erickson or Lindquist in these places. I also couldn't find a marriage entry for the grandparents or Nestor's baptismal listing.
So my big good luck of yesterday has gone away
Chuck :(

June Pelo
06-02-04, 23:00
I know Ray Erickson, have talked to him on the phone and have sent a lot of data to him. I have his entire family line in my database because we are related. And I know Ludington, MI very well - I'm sure the Erickson family attended Emanual Lutheran Church there - which my grandparents also attended. I have Amanda's family line, but don't have data on her husband Andrew Lindquist - would be glad to get the data from anyone!

Who is seeking this family? Do they want an ahnentafel or just some info?


07-02-04, 11:03
Originally posted by June Pelo
Who is seeking this family? Do they want an ahnentafel or just some info?

Ray Erickson is my 3rd cousin! I know of his existence and of course have some data but no contact. Do you even have his email?

June Pelo
07-02-04, 20:01

Ray doesn't have e-mail, yet. Says he's been too busy. So the only contact is by phone or snail mail. I'll send you his ahnentafel. And, yes, I just calculated that you and Ray are related in many ways!