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June Pelo
10-01-12, 02:48
I have a query asking whether this couple had any children:

William Asplund, b. 17 Nov 1915, Coos Bay, OR, d. 1985, Oregon, married to a woman named Virginia, b. 1919, 1989. Can someone check for me. Thanks.


Karen Norwillo
10-01-12, 17:59
Will do.

Karen Norwillo
10-01-12, 20:39
Unable to come up with an obit for either person. Figured would be my best bet for family. Nothing found on ay search.
Did find William Hans Asplund 17 Nov 1915, died 20 May 1985 West Linn, Clackamas, OR wife Virginia. SSDI and OR Death Index.
Virginia Asplund 1919-22 Jan 1989 West Linn, Clackamas, OR. Can't locate an on-line obit. In 1940, William was still single per his WWII Army Enlistments.

June Pelo
10-01-12, 20:58
Thanks, Karen. I'll pass the message along and consider this project closed.

Karen Norwillo
11-01-12, 17:37
If someone has access to newspaper archives in Clackamas, maybe they can do a look-up for an obit. (20 May 1985 and 22 Jan 1989) Unfortunately, the lady who administrated RAOGK died and the site is shut down, hopefully temporarily. Her husband says he wants to get it running again. It helped so many people. I've had luck in the past requesting from a local library, which usually carries old newspapers.