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June Pelo
10-01-12, 18:50
Have another query from Finland:

I heard that some time ago that Theodore Orre was married to Grace V. Ambrose, can you chek ?
Also that Edwin Orre was married to someone?

He's referring to this family, for which some information was found and supplied to him. Now he has a followup question concerning Theodore and Otto Edvin, above and below:

Walderman Carolina b. Nov.22. 1873 in Jungsund,Finland
Dead ? proabely New York or New Jersey.
Married June 30. 1894 with Otto Jonasson Orre b.Jan.2. 1867 in Solf,Finland
Dead June 14. 1903 in New York
Children: Ida Irene b. May 18. 1895 Future living unknown
OTTO EDVIN b. Aug.30. 1896 Future living unknown --see above
THEODORE, b.? Future living unknown -- see above
Edith Carolina b. April 22. 1898 Future living unknown
Ounly I find on familysearch is that Karolina Walderman goes bye name Lena Valdemer.