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June Pelo
11-01-12, 02:03
Ragnar Forsberg was an artist in Finland, possibly in Munsala. In the late 1800s he gave this woodcarving, size 20x25, to Bill Wright's mother. We don't know anything about Forsberg and wondered if someone could find out anything about him.

11-01-12, 09:37

There was one painter Ragnar Forsberg - but from Sweden.

Take a look at the signature in the picture on this (http://www.antikviteter.net/antikprat/messages/180/479393.html?1319011210) page and ask Bill to compare with the signature on his painting. Could it be the same?

June Pelo
11-01-12, 16:54

There's a great resemblance to the painting.. from what I read on that website, he was born in Sweden, 1881 or 1891 and died there 1975. He was married to an Ida Svedberg, probably 1924. Whether Karl Ragnar Forsberg and Ragnar Forsberg are the same sounds reasonable, but whether he was ever in Finland, we don't know. I've asked Bill to take a look at the signature. His mother came to the US in 1901, so Forsberg would have had to be in Finland prior to 1900. Maybe Bill would have more info.

June Pelo
12-01-12, 16:36
I contacted my Forsberg relative in Finland who said he knows about most of the people who used the Forsberg name there, and he thinks Karl Ragnar from Sweden is not the same Ragnar who did the woodcarving. He said there were Forsbergs in Munsala and Jakobstad and it's possible Ragnar came from that area.

13-01-12, 11:31
Of course, I'm sure you already thought about the Forsberg folks from Terjärv, around Hästbacka.

June Pelo
13-01-12, 17:10
I found only two men named Ragnar Forsberg: one born 1892 in Björneborg, and one born 1911 in Oravais.. he was born too late to be considered. And the one born 1892 would be too young to have carved that before 1901.