View Full Version : Solf-Sulva records

Karen Norwillo
13-01-12, 16:43
Does anyone have access to the churchbooks for this parish? On-line records don't go far enough. June and I are searching for Östman and Wäst families from the late 1860's onward. Looking specifically for children born to Jonas Mattsson Östman and Stina Lisa Abr:dr Hemming and Fredrik Wilhelm Johansson Wäst and his wife, Maja Gustava Abr:dr Mara (is reported to have died in 1867, but she is on that 1880 rippi.) These families show on the 1880 rippi on Digital Archives, but children were too young to be listed by name. Johannes Jonasson Östberg married Maria Fred. Wilhelmsdr Wäst 1.2.1891 in Solf.
Thanks to anyone who is able to help.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-12, 18:36
Found what we were looking for thanks to H. Mångs.