View Full Version : Coopvärdi Skeppare = skipper?

John Dupre
17-01-12, 00:32
In researching an ancestor (Johan Edvin Skogberg of Kriistinestad) I came across the terms coopvärdi skeppare and kofferdiskeppare. Historismi.Net translates them to mean coastal merchant ship skipper.

My questions: Are the terms truly interchangeable or does each reflect a specific type of ship? Does skeppare mean that he was the captain or commander of the vessel or does it mean he piloted the vessel under someone else's command? Are there any references regarding coopvärdi skeppare; such as professional associations, unions or memorials? Would shipping movements have been recorded in local newspapers and would they have included the skeppare's name? Lastly is there an online source that covers Finnish merchant shipping from the late 19th century say 1850 to 1899?

Regards to all and my apologies for posting in English.

John Dupre'

Karen Norwillo
17-01-12, 17:05
The genealogical dictionary I have translates much the same, captain of a merchant ship. Shows first spelling as "old Dutch" second as Swede-Finn.