View Full Version : FFHA/SSHY website down?

23-01-12, 16:05
Hope this post finds everyone happy and healthy!

I am curious does anyone know if the FFHA/SSHY [http://www.digiarkisto.org/] site is down, or is it my computer? I have tried logging on from 2 different computers and the site just won't come up! Let me know if anyone can get to it, or it is just me!

23-01-12, 17:48
Yes the server was down:

Server problems (updated 23.01.2012)
Our server crashed on Saturday and the repairs required a visit on site so the website was down until this afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you e-mailed us during the down time, the message might not have made it through, please send it again. There might still be short down times as we're making sure all parts of the website are functioning properly. Thank you for understanding.

Karen Norwillo
23-01-12, 18:11
It was back up today. I had to get in by Googling the site and signing on that way.