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29-01-12, 22:31
I am looking for the marriage of Johanna Johansdotter Finnabba in 1900 or so. She is listed in the 1892 to 1901 Jakobstad Communion book on page 273. On the right side of the page it has the date of November 14, 1900 in Nykarleby. Could this be her marriage or did she just move to Nykarleby? I also found in Talko a Alexander Johansson Rudnäs married to a Maria Lovisa Mattjus. She died Feb. 21, 1900. The record was submitted by Arne Nylund in 2010. In FFHA there are no images in Nykarleby for 1900.

02-02-12, 15:13
link to the Jakobstad communion record:
I also have the marriage records from 1850 to 1903 in Nykarleby in the national archives which is not accessable on line at: