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05-02-04, 12:44
Hello everybody

My name is Peter Sanell and I´m quite new in this "ancestry business". (I have just started)
Though, I have been able to track my family quite far, 1580 as a matter of fact, thanks to some information and advises from this website.
I have probably found out that My family, in the past is connected to both June Pelo and Joelle Steele and I think to Hasse Andtbacka as well.

Nevertheless,, My queery at the moment is..
I lost track of my grandfathers brother, Hugo Alexander Andersson Sjöberg who emigrated to the U.S in 1902. But there seems to be nothing about him in the cencus records nor in the Ellis Island files. I could find the information needed about the siblings of Hugo. They where, Lydia, Edith, Nils-Gideon(Edward) and Elis, all with the surname Sjöberg.

So,, if anybody could help me out with the lost "uncle Hugo" I would be happy.

The family tree starts with Kieurkall through Döfnäs Lilltimmerbacka to Sjöberg if it is of any interest.


05-02-04, 22:43
Hi Peter,

Attached (I hope) some info on Sjöberg.
Anders Sjöberg is my 2nd cousin 3 times removed.


06-02-04, 01:10

Hi Peter and welcome!

Is this your Hugo? Age 17 departing 24.05.1902 ?

He has a destination of New York and traveled on the American Line.

Earlier American Line ships had traveled to Philadelphia but then New York became the main destination.

I am surprised that he is not listed at ellis island. i went thru the entire Sjoberg listing to see if he perhaps traveled by a preferred given name but nothing to show for that effort. It is possible the transcriber has made an error with his surname.

06-02-04, 09:32
Hi there Tommy

Thankyou for the information, most of it is allready known to me.

Are you a descendant of Lydia,Edith or Thure. My mother is AnneMarie.
If you are a descendant of Edith I may mention that I visited Ole and Leo at Paasila in october last year with my mother.

I have contact with Gides (Gideons) descendants in Chigaco and they will soon send me all the details of that part of the family.


06-02-04, 09:41
Hi Chuck

And thank you for your concern.
Yes that is the "Hugo" I am looking for and that is as far as I have been able to track him as well. I have also tried different spellings, Teerijarvi etc, but he seems to be lost.

Any other ideas?

Tanks again, and have a nice day


06-02-04, 15:11
I did find this on Genealogy.com. Unfortunately, I don't have a subscription to the Family Trees section. Maybe someone else on the forum does and could look it up.

Hugo Sjoberg found in World Family Tree Volume 9, Tree 3473
Date: Private

06-02-04, 15:15
Hi again, Peter,
I checked other names for Hugo. There are quite a few Hugo Andersons in the 1910 census. Do you have a date of birth for Hugo?

06-02-04, 15:47
Hugo Alexander SJÖBERG, to US 1902, was born 02-02-1885.
(I had the date conveniently)

06-02-04, 17:18
This is a long shot but below are the Hugo Anderson entries in the 1920 census:

Naugatuck, New Haven, Connecticut-
Hugo Anderson, 35, immigrated 1902, born Sweden
Anne, wife, 32, immigrated 1902, born Sweden
Henry, brother, 32, immigrated 1905, born Sweden

Brooklyn, Kings County, New York-
Hugo A. Anderson, 37, immigrated 1902, born Sweden
Anna A, wife, 33, immigrated 1902, born Sweden

New York City, Richmond Burrough, New York-
Hugo Anderson, 36, immigrated 1902, born Sweden
? Anderson, wife, 35, immigrated 1903, born Sweden
Walter, son, 11, born New York

06-02-04, 17:46
Saw the name and thought Ahah!
Just finished the exhibit panel which includes B. (??) Axel SeabOrg, originally Sjöberg. Very early pioneer (1870's) so I don't know where he came from in Finland.e Would have liked to know. He started Aberdeen Canning Company, took the name from Aberdeen Scotland because their salmon had a good reputation. Then the little town which grew up around his cannery took the name too. He ended up building railroads, owning steamships, and running 10 canneries from Oregon to Wrangell Alaska. Died in Lewiston Idaho.
Anyone know him?

06-02-04, 18:42
Forgot to mention that I believe I have these names in my file as well. I'd have to check to make sure but I think they're from Terjärvi. Info is probably in Talko.

07-02-04, 17:10
Hi everybody

I must say that I am pleasanly surprised over all of you trying to help me out. It is realy appreciated.

Tommy, I have sent a reply by mail. Thanks for your kind help.

I have found out from Chicago that Hugo lived in New York. So some of the names you gave me can be of interest.
re; Kieurkall and Döfnäs. I have almost everything about those who stayed in Terjärv . Tommy gave some info about his ancestors which where of great interest to me.

Thanks a lot

I think that the Sjöberg you are looking for came from Sweden. I´ll see what I can find out about that.
There is a lot of Seabergs in Chicago and almost all of them came from Sweden, only one came from finland and that was my great uncle Edward G Seaberg at 1458 Melrose street.

Thats all for now

07-02-04, 18:18
Hi and thanks,
I just ran across a bio note that Seaborg B Axel came from Kristinestad. Appreciate your offer to help though.

13-02-04, 00:15
I have begun to search for Hugo in NY and found at Bethelehem Covenant Church a Hugo Sjöberg is a witness in 1908 to marriage of Alfred Johnson and Hilda Malin.

I didn't find him as a member of that church.

If this is your Hugo, it means he has kept his Sjöberg name into 1908.


14-02-04, 12:57
Hi Chuck

I think you might have found the "Hugo" I am looking for.

As you can see at the document there is an Edith Sjöberg as well, together with Leonard Tassel feb 16 1907. Edith was Hugo`s sister.
I visited Ediths sons, Ole and Leo in october last year and they did´nt know anything about Hugo and his whereabouts.
They are 90 and 94 years of age with razor-sharp minds.

Could you advise me about some other registers where I may find info in this task??

Thanks a lot for your kind help.


14-02-04, 20:43
Hi Peter,
What good luck we have here! The church microfilm is rather incomplete but with Edith being married there, it could suggest she is a member so I will go back to that microfilm and give it a more diligent search.
Did you notice that the couple Hugo was a witness for were witnesses earlier to another couple?
I will look at the marriage records ever so closely to see if Hugo got himself married in that place although the custom is that one marries in the woman's church.
If I do not find him further on in this church, I will check the other Bronx and New York and Brooklyn churches.
If you had a street address for him, that would help.
Very pleased indeed that we can confirm him by the presence of his sister Edith - I didn't really notice her because I wasn't looking for her.
A great day!

17-02-04, 19:15
Hi Chuck

Sorry for not replying earlier. I had a severe computer failure.

It looks like you are on the target. I have been checking around a little, trying to find some clues. Two of Edith´s sons are still alive, it´s the two I have mentionned earlier, Leo and Ole. they cannot recall anything vital that Edith would have said about Hugo, except for that they never heard Edith saying anything about Hugo beeing married.

You mentioned that friends have a tendency to stay together, and some of the names seems to be Terjärv names.

I also checked with my aunt and my mother if they could recall anything what so ever. My grandmother and grandfather lived in New York between 1928 and 1932. They where registered as roomers in Bronx. West 162nd street with Edwin Furu. (Federal census 1930)
My mother remember something about the Swedish Lutheran Church. My uncle Klas was born in New York, 23 apr 1931 and perhaps he was baptised there. Klas passed away 1996 so he can´t tell and there are no papers left.

It´s a long shot,.
If he can´t be found neither in church records nor in the census records. What about criminal records...??

Is it possible to have access to those??

Thanks again for your kind help


17-02-04, 19:49
Hi again Chuck

By the way,, do you know were the name Bronx derives from???

In june 1639 a ship ancored outside what is now called Bronx.
the captain of the ship bought some land from the native indians and built a house there. He first called the homested "Emmaus" but it was later changed to Broncks land, since the captains name was Jonas Jonasson Bronck (e.g Brunck).
He was born 1600 in Sävsjö Sweden and died 6 may 1643 in "Bronx".
Sävsjö is just 45 min drive from Anderstorp Where I live.....

The story about it is to be found in New York Times, Sunday 9th june 1985.

It´s a small world!!!!


17-02-04, 23:15
I have just returned from Swenson and must report that I did not find Hugo or Edith . There are only 3 swedish lang churches in the Bronx.
BETHLEHEM COVENANT 1902 S-80 which is where I found Hugo as a wedding witness and you saw Edith also:)
MESSIAH LUTHERAN 1906 S-183 is where I checked today and did not find them.
The other church was organized in 1919 so if I didn't find them in an earlier church, it's not likely they will be at this newer place.
Bethesda Covenant on Manhattan Island did not have a membership list or any kind of people list so no help therer.
Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran on Manhattan Island is a large church without an index which I have not yet checked and 3 lutheran churches in Brooklyn which are unchecked.
Hmm, do you have Edith's husband's name?

18-02-04, 01:04
Hi again Chuck

Ediths husbands name was Leonard and it is perhaps her co-witness. She met her Leonard in New York and they went back to Finland in 1909 or 10. They took the name Sjövall after the farm they bought in Pasiala, Nedervetil.
I don´t know if he came from Pasiala or his name before getting married to Edith. I´ll make some phonecalls to Pasiala a.s.a.p in order to find out his name and where they got married.


June Pelo
18-02-04, 01:42
I haven't been following this thread closely, but the name Hugo Alexander caught my eye. At Paasiala there was an Edit Maria Carl- Johansdotter, b. 1885 who married in 1905 Hugo Alexander Henriksson Palm or Gåsjärvi. They probably have no connection to this discussion, but I thought I'd mention it.


18-02-04, 02:22
Hi Peter,
Interesting so I was right that Edith married Leonard but I had written that in error not noticing that they were witnesses so all is well there:)

Only Hugo remains so if you have anything about him leaving NYC, that would be very good to know.


18-02-04, 02:59
Hi Peter,
I found him by allowing all spellings of sjoberg.
Unfortunately the image of the ship manifest is not that of Hugo's ship but a ship called Patria which sailed in 1909.
I have made a printscreen of the text version of the manifest and attached here for you.


18-02-04, 13:29

The name Gåsjärvi rings a bell, but i can´t find it in my computer.
I will go "treasure hunting" in my piles of papers to see if I can find it.

Thanks for your concern.


It seems that, from the information I can get, Hugo never left New York.
It is also very likely that he would have attended at his brothers (Elis, my grandfather) first sons christening. If he still lived in New York. I have sent a mail to finland in order to find out from the church records in Terjärv where he was christened.

Once again, Thanks for your kind help.


19-02-04, 00:38
I went back into Bethelehem Covenant where I found Hugo as witness and you noticed Edith also as witness. I went to see if Edith got married there but there was no record of that happening there.
Then I bravely went into the S190-2 microfilm for Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran in NY, no member index:(, I tried to find Edith amongst the single women and Hugo amongst the single men but no luck there.
I also checked the 1920 census for NY and did not find him as Hugo Sjoberg. I searched using Hugo and Finland to delineate the people and didn't find anybody who fit him.
I did not find them at Messiah Lutheran in the Bronx and because Pilgrim Lutheran in the Bronx was founded in 1919 [members shown from 1914], I didn't look there but I will try it tomorrow and see if Hugo was there.

19-02-04, 09:18
Hi Peter,
The cd by Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census acts as an index to the 1910 census.
I searched for Hugo because I couldn't imagine all the alternative spelling possibilities that may appear for Sjöberg. This entry is somewhat of a stretch of the imagination but I felt worth mentioning as so little can be found on Hugo. Hopefully someone with the actual census will check it out for you.

SHURBER Hugo age 25 b. Fin New York County 21-PCT 32-AD Bronx T624 997 Part 1 Page 290 B NY

Tassel didn't appear.

Best wishes, Jeanette

19-02-04, 17:01
There isn't a whole lot of clues when looking at this entry. No immigration date is listed. It simply lists:

Hugo Shurber, 25, single, born Finland (& parents), a carpenter for the Railroad. He is a boarder listed with a family named Niels Mattson, 48, and Olga, 37 both born Finland and immigrated 1902. Niels was also a carpenter for the Railroad. It looks like they lived in an apartment building. Address was 576 E. 138th Street, Bronx, NY.

19-02-04, 17:38
Hi Peter,
There is one person who returned from New York, New Jersey states, where he and his wife got to know a large number of emigrants from Terjärv. I don't know if he and/or his wife are still resident most of the time in the home he built on Heimsjö, or have moved into senior housing. However he actively collected as many letters "home" from the emigrants as he could, and has if not thousands, then hundreds of them. If there is a member from Terjärv who is acquainted with Hilding Vidjeskog, perhaps they could contact him, and see what he remembers about Hugo Sjöberg in America.
Just a really far out chance!

Hasse Andtbacka
19-02-04, 18:01
Hugo Sjöberg's father was Anders Sjöberg Lilltimmerbacka. He was married (1) to Brita Nikula, (2) to Maria Timmerbacka. Lydia is the only child from the first marriage. There are 9 children in the second marriage, all born in Terjärv:

Descendants of: Anders Carlsson Sjöberg Lilltimmerbacka

1 Anders Carlsson Sjöberg Lilltimmerbacka b. 24-12-1853 d. 19-03-1923
m. Brita Karolina Mattsdr Sjöberg Nikula b. 25-03-1848 d. 09-06-1880
m. Maria Mattsdr Sjöberg Timmerbacka m. 12-02-1882 b. 11-06-1856 d. 01-08-1925
[daughter of Matts Nilsson Sandkulla and Anna Simonsdr Sandkulla Merijärvi]
2 Lydia Karolina Vikman Sjöberg b. 30-05-1880
m. Anders Mattsson Vikman Reipsar Byskata m. 11-04-1903 b. 29-01-1876 d. 05-07-1928
[son of Matts Johansson Byskata and Johanna Johansdr Byskata Backman]
3 Anders Roy Rafael Vikman b. 15-01-1904
3 Bror Ragnar Vales Vikman b. 02-04-1905
3 Freja Elsa Karolina Vikman b. 11-10-1909
3 Ragnhild Ingeborg Johanna Vikman b. 19-05-1912
3 Rakel Agneta Vikman b. 21-11-1914
3 Ragnar Sven Erik Vikman b. 08-03-1917
2 Anders Ture Andersson Sjöberg b. 23-04-1883 d. 07-02-1925
m. Maria Johanna Sjöberg Sandqvist Nylund m. 07-06-1908 b. 23-06-1885
[daughter of Nils Mattson Sandqvist Sandkulla and Olga Olivia Sandqvist Wickström]
3 Saga Maria Margareta Sjöberg b. 20-03-1909 d. 14-04-1924
3 Nils Harry Andreas Sjöberg b. 10-05-1911
3 Ann-Mari Johanna Andersdr Sjöberg b. 1912 d. 1912
3 Ture Sven Erik Andersson Sjöberg b. 1914 d. 1914
3 Greta Johanna Krokfors Sjöberg b. 27-07-1915 d. 17-09-1994
m. Einar Bertil Krokfors m. 16-11-1940 b. 28-12-1907 d. 02-02-1980
[son of Leander Jacobsson Krokfors and Maria Johansdotter Krokfors Storbjörk]
4 Bo Nils Bertel Krokfors b. 20-08-1941 d. 20-08-1941
4 barnet Bertilsdr Krokfors b. 20-08-1941 d. 20-08-1941
4 Greger Nils Bertel Krokfors b. 22-04-1944
m. Ann-Sofi Krokfors Sundström m. 21-08-1966 b. 07-07-1940
[daughter of John Emil Sundström and Ruth Dagmar Sundström Liljeström]
5 Jockum Ulf Greger Krokfors b. 16-08-1967
m. Vivian Gunilla M. Krokfors Esselström m. 19-08-1989 b. 03-01-1969
[daughter of Bo-Göran Esselström and Gun Marianne Esselström Käldman]
6 Hanna Krokfors b. 29-08-1995
5 Moa Ann-Sofi Hagnäs Krokfors b. 29-04-1973
m. Robert Mikael Hagnäs b. 10-05-1970
[son of Ole Henrik Hagnäs and Maj-Britt Johanna Hagnäs Sundström]
4 Barbro Maria Margareta Friman Krokfors b. 30-04-1946
m. Bror Erik Friman b. 21-08-1949
5 Britt-Marie Lento Friman b. 10-07-1970
m. Tomi Markus Lento m. 23-03-1991 b. 22-12-1968
[son of Erkki Olavi Lento and Britta Katarina Rubensdr Lento Strang]
6 Teemu Markus Erik Lento b. 01-07-1991
5 Åsa Johanna Friman b. 11-12-1976
3 Anna Stina Andersdotter Sjöberg b. 1917 d. 1917
3 Britta Ingeborg Dorotea Hedman Sjöberg b. 14-02-1919
m. Karl Erik Hedman m. 23-12-1944 b. 02-04-1920
[son of Carl William Johansson Hedman Söderena and Hilda Johanna Hedman Sundholm]
4 Kaj Hedman
2 Hugo Alexander Sjöberg b. 02-02-1885
2 Edit Maria Sjövall Sjöberg b. 20-05-1886
m. Matts Leonard Sjövall Paasiala m. 28-06-1908 b. 21-06-1882
[son of Alexander Mattsson Paasiala and Zerafina Jakobsdotter Paasiala Riippa]
3 Åke Eugen Matias Sjövall b. 29-08-1909 d. 07-12-1981
m. Elli Inga-Lill Johansdr Sjövall Sandvik b. 20-05-1915 d. 30-03-1993
[daughter of Johan Mattsson Sandvik and Maria Alina Andersdr Sandvik Döfnäs]
4 Lilian Ros-Mari Peltoniemi Sjövall b. 29-01-1939
m. Seppo Juhani Peltoniemi b. 09-03-1938
5 Mika Juhani Peltoniemi b. 09-11-1964
5 Tomi Teijo Peltoniemi b. 14-07-1966
5 Janne Markko Peltoniemi b. 06-03-1971
4 Margareta Sjövall b. 05-03-1941
4 Kjell Sjövall b. 1947
m. Lena Sjövall Rahkelin
5 Camilla Sjövall
3 Levi Paul Alexander Sjövall b. 12-04-1911
3 Elvi Eva Maria Lerbacka Sjövall b. 07-01-1913
m. Anders Rudolf Lerbacka m. 16-06-1935 b. 05-05-1901
[son of Johannes Johansson Lerbacka and Fanny Elisabeth Lerbacka Hauhtonen]
3 Sven Leonard Sjövall b. 18-01-1916
3 Edit Lisbeth Linnea Sjövall b. 1917 d. 1917
3 Ole Anders Sjövall b. 04-11-1920
m. Ingegerd Linnea Sjövall Simonsbacka b. 02-08-1928
[daughter of Karl Fritjof Alexandersson Simonsbacka and Hilda Maria Simonsbacka Sandström]
4 Karola Olesdr Porko Sjövall b. 21-09-1953
4 Rose Maj Olesdr Broända Sjövall b. 23-11-1958
m. Sören Broända b. 10-11-1956
5 Linda Sörensdr Broända b. 24-07-1979
5 Malin Sörensdr Broända b. 03-02-1986
5 Emma Sörensdr Broända b. 1990
4 Matts Olesson Sjövall b. 21-03-1963
3 Anna Linnea Leandersdr Majabacka Sjövall b. 04-11-1920
m. Ragnar Sanfridsson Majabacka m. 30-09-1942 b. 12-07-1918 d. 19-07-1977
[son of Matts Sanfrid Ottosson Majabacka and Ester Elisabeth Majabacka Palm]
4 Ulf Ragnar Mathias Majabacka b. 12-09-1946
m. Tuula Marjatta Majabacka Holopainen m. 13-01-1973 b. 21-09-1945
5 Ulf Daniel Majabacka b. 04-03-1975
5 Markus Ragnar Majabacka b. 04-03-1975
5 Benny Mattias Majabacka b. 20-11-1976
4 Christer Karl Erik Majabacka b. 23-09-1947
m. Marjatta Anna-Liisa Majabacka Jylhä m. 07-01-1968 b. 27-06-1948
5 Heidi Marjur Majabacka b. 08-12-1972
4 Lars Mikael Ragnarsson Majabacka b. 21-03-1949
m. Inger Marianne Majabacka Lindström m. 09-09-1972 b. 29-07-1947
5 Johnny Mikael Majabacka b. 15-05-1973
5 Kenneth Jan-Ole Majabacka b. 18-12-1975
4 Tom Gustav Ragnarsson Majabacka b. 11-10-1952
m. Bernice Maria Majabacka Träsk m. 01-06-1974 b. 28-10-1953
5 Tom Patrik Majabacka b. 08-04-1975
5 Matts Andreas Majabacka b. 10-03-1979
4 Bo Matts Anders Ragnarsson Majabacka b. 07-11-1958
4 Ann-Louise Ragnarsdotter Majabacka b. 09-06-1960
3 Lars Rafael Johannes Sjövall b. 11-06-1922
3 Rut Else-Maj Ahlbäck Sjövall b. 28-12-1923
m. Bror Erik Teodor Ahlbäck m. 23-08-1952 b. 13-12-1922
[son of Anders Teodor Johansson Ahlbäck Backman and Ida Sofia Ingeborg Ahlbäck Sjöberg]
4 Anders Bengt Erik Ahlbäck b. 15-08-1953
4 Rut Elsbeth Margareta Ahlbäck b. 08-05-1956
4 Ulf Peter Ahlbäck b. 08-05-1956
2 Nils Gideon Andersson Sjöberg b. 05-12-1887
2 Karl Evert Andersson Sjöberg b. 10-09-1893
2 Elis Richard Andersson Sjöberg b. 30-06-1895
m. Elvi Ingeborg Sjöberg Timmerbacka m. 29-09-1929 b. 17-07-1906
[daughter of Alexander Gustafsson Timmerbacka and Anna Greta Timmerbacka Fors]
3 Clas Elis Sjöberg b. 23-04-1931 d. 07-03-1997
m. Ann Britt Johanna Sjöberg Skogvik m. 31-08-1968 b. 19-05-1927 d. 27-09-1973
[daughter of Johannes Emil Skogvik Myrskog and Fanny Maria Jakobsdr Skogvik Myrskog]
3 Annmari Ingeborg Sjöberg b. 25-01-1934
3 Elvi Anna Greta Söderbacka Sjöberg b. 14-05-1942
m. Lars Harry Andreas Söderbacka m. 25-09-1965 b. 18-09-1935
[son of Leo Andreas Söderbacka and Siiri Irene Söderbacka Hautaniemi]
4 Mats Harry Andreas Söderbacka b. 19-03-1966
4 Monika Ingeborg Söderbacka b. 18-06-1968
2 Anna Linnea Andersdotter Sjöberg b. 18-09-1896
2 Otto Hendar Andersson Sjöberg b. 17-04-1898 d. 24-11-1898
2 Aili Emilia Andersdotter Sjöberg b. 29-12-1901 d. 10-01-1931

Hasse Andtbacka

20-02-04, 01:30
Today at Swenson I checked, page by page, Pilgrim Lutheran in Bronx which is a Finnish church.
I did not find Hugo but I found another
Sjöberg who is a match with one on Hasse's list:
Elis Richard Andersson Sjöberg

I found, on page 37, this guy:
Elis Sjöberg from Teerijärvi,
b. 6-30-__
he returned to Finland 12-1-1928 and then it says see page 44 where we find this:
wife Elve Ingeborg from Teerijävi, b. 7-17-1906 with son Clas Elis b. 4-23-1931 in Bronx, NY.
This says Elis returned in 1932 so maybe he traveled back and forth?

20-02-04, 02:06
Hi everybody

I must say that you are putting a lot of effort in this matter and I am very greatful for all your help.

I have been in contact with a cousin of my mother living in Westchester. His parents were uncle Klas godparents. Hugo seems to have been very fond of Klas according to what they said. He remembers some of the discussions his parents had about Hugo. The last time they saw him or heard from him, was 1933 when my grandparents left the US, never to return.
Hugo then carried Klas on his arms all the way until they had to embark the ship. He also recalls his his parents saying that Hugo was unmarried.
Further more I haven´t heard anything from Terjärv yet regarding their churchrecords.

Jeanette and Kevin

I will check the census to see if there are names that I could recognise as Terjärv names.
I wonder if 576E. 138TH STREET is close to west 162nd where my grandparents lived 1930.


I will see if I can get anything from Hilding Vidjeskog. I am exchanging mails with Barbro Vidjeskog who also lives in sweden since many years. We are writing to each other in the local terjärv dialect just to keep up with it. "Bara föör te hald he i stjick", so to speak.


Thanks a lot for the info. Most of it is known to me but some of the names are new. It was with great interest I read your reply.
In what way are our ancestors connected, I know they somewhat are.

To all of you..
I will be away in business matters to Germany and England for a week, leaving tomorrow (friday) so don´t be angry with me if I´m not responding. I will try to keep up with my mail as often as possible.

Have a nice weekend and don´t do anything I wouldn´t do.....


Peter: :

20-02-04, 05:11
I had seen this listing as well but, until just this moment and seeing others had it in their posts, I had not really associated it with the sound of Sjöberg. Actually Jill and I were talking about pronunciation of Å and Ö and then I heard how Ö sounded so I think the census taker heard that and put down what he thought and didn't both asking Hugo to verify it.
It now appears sure that Hugo lived in the Bronx, NY and this Shurber is your Hugo. I have searched the 3 swedish language churches in Bronx and came up empty handed.
Have we established a death date for Hugo? Do we know which railroad?


20-02-04, 09:33
Hi Chuck

1933 seems to be the last time relatives and family heard from Hugo, there are no death records from him from what i know of at least not in Terjärv

I couldn´t find Hugo Shurber in the 1930 census but i will try to look at 138th street as soon as possible.

Have a nice day


21-02-04, 00:40

Hugo was listed in a census as working for a railroad. The gov website above has links to various railroad websites.

Railroad workers had/have a separate retirement system from social security and so it could be a reason why he doesn't appear at the ssdi place.

The RRB will make a search but it will cost $27.00 and is not refundable so you are really at risk here if you aren't certain of when Hugo died. I am checking the other railroads in hopes of finding something.

"The Railroad Retirement Board, like the Social Security
Administration, was not established until the mid-1930's, and
it began maintaining its own records of all covered rail service
in 1937."


24-02-04, 23:44
I found this guy in E55, Bethesda Swedish-Finnish Lutheran in Ashland, WI and I put him here only because he is from Terjarvi:

Matts Severin Landsten
b. 8-10-1885
arr America in 1903, came to Ashland from Boston in 1904 and died 15 Mar 1915.


29-02-04, 02:29

Looks like you enter your email address and Hugo's name and they will find him for you.


11-03-04, 09:51
Hi Peter,

While searching a NY genealogical database I may have found a lead on Hugo.
The Italian Genealogical Group, along with members of the Genealogy Federation of Long Island, has recently completed this huge project of computerizing all of the Naturalization Records that are held by the Bronx County Clerk’s Office.
These naturalization records are for the period of 1914 to 1952. The database contains over 240,000 records.

Declarations A 1914-1927

Surname G/Name Vol Page Country Soundex

Sjoberg Hugo 46 308 Russia S162

Also, Hugo may be found on 1920 and 1930 census' as Sjöberg even though the 1910 had the incorrect spelling of Schurber.

Best wishes,


22-03-04, 00:06
Dear all

It seems like we are closing up on Hugo´s whereabouts in New York.

The last things i have found is when I read Hasse Andtbackas last reply thoroughly.

Hugo´s parents were, Anders Sjöberg and Maria Matts.dr Sandkulla. Not Timmerbacka. My mother have kept telling me this all the time and I didn´t see the connection to Hugo in New York until just recently.

Marias fathers name was Matts Nilsson Sandkulla.

Ture Sjöberg married his cousin (my mother told me this as well) "Hanna" Sandqvist Nylund.
Her parents were; Nils Mattsson Sandqvist Sandkulla and Olga Olivia Sandqvist Wickström. They emigrated to the US leaving "Hanna" with her relatives in Terjärv.

In the censuses Hugo was registered as a roomer with Niels Mattson and his wife Olga.., and they both worked as carpenters at a railroad company.
It seems like he lived with his uncle.
Nils Mattsson Sandkulla was his mothers brother

It all makes sense.

Thanks a lot Hasse.

I have also been able to send requests to some Clerk offices in New York.

Thanks a lot to Chuck and Jeanette who gave me the info in this direction.

I am going to Terjärv the week before easter and it looks like I have a lot to do when I´m there.

:D :D

Hasse Andtbacka
22-03-04, 08:23
Please give us a call when you are in Terjärv: (0)6-8345362.

Maybe we can have a cup of coffee at Maggie's or Pärlan :D

Hasse & Helena

29-03-04, 18:45

I will arrive on saturday morning and leave wednesday evening and I´ll be glad to see you on a cup of coffee (or two) at
It´s just on the opposite side of Emet lake from my auntie AnnaGretas house.

Where is Pärlan?

I´ll call you.

Peter:D :D

31-03-04, 04:46
Originally posted by sanell
In the censuses Hugo was registered as a roomer with Niels Mattson and his wife Olga.., and they both worked as carpenters at a railroad company.

Hi Peter,
I have temporary access to the 1920 census and thought I'd try again looking for Hugo.

The Hugo that we found earlier (1910?) living as a boarder with Nils Mattson & Olga is probably the correct Hugo. I found these same people in the 1920 census and Hugo's still living as a boarder with Nils (now Nicholas Mattson & Olga). This census does have his immigration year listed: 1902!

Nils is working as a Contractor for a Dock Builder. Hugo is working as a Ship Carpenter for a shipyard. Nils immigration year is 1901 and Olga's is 1891. Nils has 2 daughters: Adele (13) and Tyne (9).

Their address is 615 141st Street, Bronx, NY.

31-03-04, 04:48
...forgot the attachment!

Also, Hugo appeared in the index as "Hugs Shuberg"

31-03-04, 05:00
Olga is now living with daughters Adele and Lara at West 162nd Street. She's listed as a widow. Immigration year listed is 1900. (!) Last name is spelled Madson.

No luck finding Hugo in any states.

31-03-04, 13:39
Hi Jeanette

Also, Hugo may be found on 1920 and 1930 census' as Sjöberg even though the 1910 had the incorrect spelling of Schurber.

In Chuck´s last reply, he says that he could find Hugo in the 1910 and 1920 census but not in the 1930 census.

I haven´t been able to find him as Sjöberg or Sjoberg in any census except for the naturalization info from Bronx you gave me in your earlier message, which was to great help.

In which census did you find him and how?

If i type the letter ö (scandinavian keyboard) on my computer and start searching the different search engines, sjöberg becomes shberg.
Am i doing something wrong?

Have a continued nice day and a Happy Easter.


31-03-04, 14:14
Originally posted by kpaavola
Olga is now living with daughters Adele and Lara at West 162nd Street. She's listed as a widow. Immigration year listed is 1900. (!) Last name is spelled Madson.

No luck finding Hugo in any states.

Hi Kevin :D :D GREAT news!!!!!!!!
We are getting closer and closer.

My grandfather Elis lived at 162nd 1930 with some other Terjärv people so that makes sense as well.

What would I do without you guy´s!!!!!!! But you made me confused as well. Check my message to Jeanette...


I tried to squeeze some nice things into my computer in order to give it to you, but I couldn´t get it through the cable....


01-04-04, 08:27
Hi Peter,

Sorry to have confused you. After I found Hugo in the 1910 census as Schurber you mentioned in a later post that you couldn't find Hugo Schurber in the 1930 census. My intention was to make you aware that because a wrong spelling of the name was recorded on the 1910 census it wouldn't necessarily be wrong on the following censuses.

I hope this doesn't further confuse you but all three censuses could have different wrong spellings or 1920 could be correct and 1930 again wrong but not Shurber.
As it turns out Kevin found Hugo in the 1920 census as Hugs Shuberg a second different wrong spelling. At the moment he hasn't been found in the 1930 census.

When I couldn't find Hugo in the 1910 index as Sjoberg or any other spelling that I thought it would sound like when pronounced,I found him by searching for all the Finnish born Hugo's in New York state then narrowed it down.
I don't know in what ways you are able to search on the other censuses. Perhaps Kevin could help with advising whether or not a given name search is possible.

I hope you find him on the 1930 census, very soon. Have you located your other relatives on the census and searched the surrounding areas for him boarding?

Is there any possiblity that as a ships carpenter Hugo went to sea and wasn't in America at the time of the census? Just another idea to think about.

Best wishes,

01-04-04, 11:47
Dear Jeanette

Thankyou for the clearifying. It is most kind of you.

I know where he lived and some of his whereabouts until 1920, Furthermore I also know that he spent quite a time with his brother (my grandfather) between 1928 and 1933.
I also now know that he lived with his uncle Nils, who according to Kevins info died between 1920 and 1930. Nils wife Olga then moved to West 162nd street where the other Terjärv people lived including my grandparents.
My uncle Clas was born there 1932 and they moved back to finland 1933 never to return. That was the last contact they had with Hugo.

All this is thanks to all help I have received from all of you and I am very greatful.

When I read Kevins message again today I´m recalling that some time ago I found somewhere somehow in the immigration files at Ellis Island a Hugo or Hugh, working as a ship carpenter 1922 or something like that, but I thought that it was the wrong person since he came to the US 1902.

I will try to find that Hugo again to see if there is a match

Once again, thank you for your efforts in helping me out with this.


01-04-04, 17:48
Originally posted by jeanette
Perhaps Kevin could help with advising whether or not a given name search is possible.

Unfortunately, Hugo doesn't show up in the index. I tried searching (the entire US) for all Hugos born in Finland and nothing even remotely close returns. Since, in 1920, they misspelled his first name as Hugs (only in the index) it's possible it's misspelled in the 1930 census as well. That or he appears on a page that the writing is very faint and he simply isn't on the index. I just had that example happen to me in 1910. Sometimes, names are even covered by a piece of tape (to repair a torn page?) and they're just lost forever.

I think the only alternative is to search that area page by page, name by name. :(