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June Pelo
03-02-12, 19:30
I have a query asking about the Savilaakso name, originally from Oulu. It was changed to Selin and then in the US it became Saline. Does anyone have these names in their data, especially Johanna, b. 1844.

Karen Norwillo
03-02-12, 20:23
If this is the family, in Oulu
2.4.1824 Klockring Henric Savilaxo and Anna 22...Johannes
24.10.1831 Möln. Henric Savilaxo and Anna 29..Johannes
4.5.1834 möln. Henric Savilaxo and Anna ..Anders
1.7.1838 möln. Henric Savilaxo and Anna..Johan. Carol.
11.4.1841 Arbk. Henric Savilaxo and Anna 39...August
2.8.1844 Arbk. Henric Savilaxo and Anna 42...Johanna Elisabet

30.8.1823 Drg. Henric Savilax and Anna Berttunen married Oulu.

June Pelo
03-02-12, 20:47

It seems to be a possibility... I'll forward the info. to the family and see what they think. I don't have any other info. about them.


Karen Norwillo
03-02-12, 22:29
I found nothing in Oulu with the other spelling. It may have been spelled that way at one time.

June Pelo
04-02-12, 17:38

You found the right family... they asked if it was possible to find descendants in the US.. they changed the name to Selin and then to Saline in the US... I'm waiting for them to send me more info..

04-02-12, 19:09

There is a thread in SukuForum of Savilakso family see http://suku.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?t=16356&highlight=savilakso
From Kiiminki, near Oulu.

Mr Kenneth Saline (Savilaakso, USA) kans1*frontiernet.net asked about same family from Oulu Genealogical Society.


June Pelo
04-02-12, 19:14
Thanks, Solja. I'll pass that along.

Karen Norwillo
04-02-12, 21:55
On Ancestry, there is much info on the family of John Saline (Johannes) b. 1831. He had a large family and lived in Utah and Arizona. He married a Johanna Rebekka Osborn, says born Finland, so probably not the original spelling. They had at least 8 children, John H, William D, Albert F, Charles M aka Martin C, James L, Susanna R, Martha A and Elija. John, the father died 5 Jul 1896 and is buried in Pima Cemetery, Pima, AZ, as are many of his family. William Daniel 22 Apr 1865 in UT and died 9 Sep 1952. He married a Zella Pearl Curtis in 1911 in Eden, AZ. If we knew who Johanna Elisabet married it would help to trace her. Does your person know how many of the Savilaxo children emigrated?

June Pelo
04-02-12, 22:13

I think this could be the family... she mentioned that the father was John. She evidently isn't home today.. haven't had a reply to my mail. But I'll let you know as soon as I hear from her.


Karen Norwillo
04-02-12, 22:14
Here are a bunch of images from Pima Cemetery in AZ. I have 2 more on next post.

Karen Norwillo
04-02-12, 22:23
Here's the other image.
James Laroy Saline and wife had these children buried same cemetry. LaRoy Devar Saline 1915-2000, Rebecca Genevieve Saline Hancock Hunt 1916-1997 and Glenna Saline Mark 1921-2001. William and Zella have a child same cemetery Hazel Pearl Saline Tanner 1911-1980.

Jaska Sarell
04-02-12, 22:30
Johanna Elisabeth Savilakso b. 2 Aug 1844 is here: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=18621&pnum=40
She is married on 18 Oct 1878 (http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=1904&pnum=200) with Henrik Johansson Kallinen b. 2 Feb 1853 (from Limingo 1877) here: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=18621&pnum=277
Her name is not visible in the bottom of the page, but can be seen in the next book: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=3814&pnum=104
Then to Oulujoki: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=17686&pnum=75
Back to Oulu: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=3704&pnum=122
1891-1900: http://www.sukuhistoria.fi/sshy/sivut/jasenille/paikat.php?bid=3549&pnum=460
Will be in the next volume on p. 741. Can this be the requested Johanna?

:) Jaska

June Pelo
05-02-12, 00:15

Thanks for those.. I'll send them on. I'm sure she'll be happy about that.

June Pelo
06-02-12, 14:57
The familly is happy and thanks you all for the data you found. The headstones are their relatives. They wrote:

I think that Johan Saarela and Maria are the parents to Johan Johaninpoika Saarela/savilaakso, b.1759 in Kiiminki, oulu, Finland. We have done some Genealogy on this line.

We need to connect Johan Petter Savilaakso, b. 1.11,1872, d. 28.12.1927. His spouse is Jenny Maria, b. 14.07.1875 , d, 31.01.1956. These are Oulu peple. They have five children.

There are many Savilaakso people in Oulu. There is a Tapani and Monica Savilaakso. An August Savilaakso and a Mikko Savilaasko came to the USA, but we cannot find them.

Karen Norwillo
06-02-12, 17:44
I found 2 August Salin who emigrated 1901 and 1903, one to Eveleth, MN age 17 (abt 1884) and the other to Newport, NH age 26 (abt 1877) Also an Emil Salin in 1910 going to brother August in Newport. Not a single Savilaakso/Savilaxo on the list. Found a marriage record for August in Newport to a Sandia Tupala on 15 Feb 1913. Says his parents were Andrey Salin and Johanna Rahola (?sp) As I don't know their approx DOB, can't know if these are the ones.
From FFHA Kiiminki
Johan Johansson Sarela Savilaxo and wife Greta Johansdr. had 6 children before Johan died 24.7.1811 or 29.7.1811. Johan 2.7.1794, Henric 21.1.1797, Carin 15.2.1799, Anna Greta 27.4.1803, Maria 3.6.1805 and Pehr 6.10.1808-29.7.1811.

June Pelo
06-02-12, 17:58
Thanks, Karen. I'll pass it on. Sometimes it's difficult to get information from people, as you know.. They did metnion the Selin/Saline name... probably same as Salin.

Brenden Saline
29-09-13, 09:29
Karen and June,

My grandfather is LaRoy Devar Saline 1915-2000 and is mentioned earlier in this thread. I am currently living in Arizona. I just happened to do a search for the Savilaakso name and found this forum. I feel so grateful to have found it. We have been searching for connections in Finland for some time. From what I know John Savilaakso changed his last name to attend a swiss college. He then came to the states where his name was again changed to Saline. From the information that I have, John is the son of Henrik Johansson Savilaxo (I don't know why the last name is spelled different between generations) who was the son of Johan Johansson Savilaakso (Johan was married to Margareta Johanson Jamsa). I am hoping that this information is accurate. I am looking for more information on Savilaakso line in my genealogy and to make new connections. Johan Johansson Savilaakso is the farthest descendant that I can trace in the Savilaakso line, and I would like to go farther.

-Brenden Saline

29-09-13, 12:35

I guess there was more info of Savilaakso family in this thread but lost when there was the server crash http://finlander.genealogia.fi/showthread.php?8634-The-Finlander-is-on-line-again-after-the-GSF-server-crash&highlight=crash.


June Pelo
29-09-13, 19:39
I don't remember who asked for the data originally; I don't keep my files that far back. Maybe Karen would remember... she did most of the research.